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New Netflix Releases for May 19, 2019

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Secret City - Season Secret City

A relentless muckraker pushes for truth and transparency in Australia’s corridors of political power, despite threats to her life and career. To expose the truth behind her government's brazen deceits, she'll risk everything -- including her life.

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Shark Tank - Season 8

Ambitious entrepreneurs with ideas they believe will reap huge profits make their cases before a panel of ruthlessly inquisitive, skeptical investors. A successful pitch in the shark tank can make anyone's dream a reality, but half-baked ideas are their favorite prey.

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An ex-assassin tries to leave her dark past behind until a power-hungry gang targets her and her family, forcing her to summon her killer instincts. She changed her name and her life. But she can't escape the past that turned her into a killer.

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Saverio Raimondo: Il Satiro Parlante

Italian comic and satirist Saverio Raimondo regales a Milan crowd with tales of online antics, awkward injuries and white-knuckle flights. His body's rebelling. Satire's in crisis. And no one will censor his edgy jokes. What's a comic troublemaker to do?

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Dying to Tell

Seeking answers after a life-changing incident in 2012, filmmaker Hernán Zin interviews other war reporters about the personal toll of their work. They wanted to bear witness to conflicts and give others a voice. After all their pain and loss, was it worth the price?

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ReMastered: The Lion's Share

After discovering the family of Solomon Linda, the writer of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," a reporter tries to help them fight for fair compensation. His song made "Lion King" fans roar. Yet he and his family struggled in poverty. Is there justice in a music biz jungle?

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Good Sam

A curious reporter finds love while pursuing the story of a mysterious figure who's leaving bags of cash for strangers around New York City. An anonymous good deed brings her an unexpected scoop. Her curiosity will spark romance and inspiration.

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White Gold - Season 2

In 1980s Essex, cocky salesman Vincent Swan and his unscrupulous team will do anything to get the sale -- including throwing honesty out the window. They're always looking for an advantage, and no con is too outrageous. Welcome to the ruthless world of window sales.

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Well-Intended Love - Season 1

To secure a bone marrow donation, an actress diagnosed with leukemia makes a marriage pact with a young CEO -- but love and secrets get in the way. It was supposed to be a marriage of convenience. Turns out they're quite a match -- and fall in love. But there's a catch.

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It's Bruno! - Season 1

An old-school Brooklyn native devotes his days to caring for his adorable dog, Bruno -- and making sure the neighbors show his pooch the proper respect. He's a best friend, loyal companion and partner in crime. And his lovable puggle adores him, too.

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See You Yesterday

As two teen prodigies try to master the art of time travel, a tragic police shooting sends them on a series of dangerous trips to the past. They're geniuses on the brink of solving time travel. But when tragedy strikes, they'll only have so many chances to outwit fate.

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Born in Gaza

This documentary focuses on the devastating violence of the Israel-Palestine conflict and its effects on the children of Gaza. They're victims of a global conflict that doesn't discriminate against age. But can hatred affect the innocence of youth?

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Born in Syria

This intimate documentary follows a group of Syrian children refugees who narrowly escape a life of torment and integrate into a foreign land. Bombings. Rape. Beheadings. They're fleeing death for a chance to live in hostile conditions. Will their journey be worth it?

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Nailed It! - Season 3

Home bakers with a terrible track record take a crack at re-creating edible masterpieces for a $10,000 prize. It's part reality contest, part hot mess. Crushed cupcakes. Deformed doughnuts. When it comes to high-stakes baking fails, nobody tops these amateur cooks.

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Nailed It! Mexico - Season 1

The fun, fondant and hilarious cake fails head to Mexico, where very amateur bakers compete to re-create elaborate sweet treats for a cash prize. Quinceañera calamities. Telenovela tragedies. Mexico's home bakers are in over their heads, and the least disastrous dessert wins!

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1994 - Season 1

Archival video and new interviews examine Mexican politics in 1994, a year marked by the rise of the EZLN and the assassination of Luis Donaldo Colosio.

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