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New Netflix Releases for December 5, 2018

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21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897 - Season 1

In one of history's greatest last stands, a battalion of 21 Sikh soldiers fights to defend their outpost from attack by over 10,000 Afghans. They were outnumbered by the enemy -- over 10,000 Afghans to their 21. But the battle that they fought became legendary.

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A pharmaceutical employee gets caught up in a kidnapping scheme when his duplicitous bosses' drug-running scheme goes haywire. A weed pill. A Beatles-loving drug lord. A wayward mercenary. Corporate greed heads south of the border.

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When a man is arrested on arrival in America because authorities mistake him for a wanted gangster, a new friend tries to help him prove his innocence. His doppelgänger is a notorious criminal. He's arrested in a case of mistaken identity. How will he prove his innocence?

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Don't Go Breaking My Heart

A financial analyst succumbs to a love triangle with a hard-drinking architect and a promiscuous investment bro, who soon becomes her boss. His courting antics may impress, but he fails in the reliability department. Then Mr. Wholesome stumbles along.

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The Haunted House: Secret of the Ghost... - Season 1

With help from a 102-year-old goblin dwelling beneath their haunted apartment building, two siblings deal with ghosts and take on spooky mysteries. Angry ghosts are everywhere! Can two kids and their goblin friend brave the unknown and help protect their loved ones?

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Set Off

When a restaurant owner in Cyprus returns to Beijing to sign divorce papers, a drunk woman he encounters triggers a string of mishaps. His wife leaves. His business is at risk. Thugs and cops are on his tail, and Sod's law is on his side.

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Little Singham aur Kaal ka Mahajaal

When Kaal, the vilest demon on earth, threatens to destroy his village, child cop Little Singham must use his strength and smarts to fight back. Saving the day is his specialty. But can this pint-sized police kid save his hometown from the world's biggest villain?

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Little Singham - Season 1

A spinoff of Rohit Shetty's action franchise, this animated series follows brave kid cop Little Singham’s adventures as he defends his town from evil. He has the courage of a lion and the swagger of a star -- and is just eight years old. Meet India’s youngest supercop!

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Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager

Explore the life and times of legendary soccer manager Bobby Robson, whose keen mind for the game was matched only by his devotion to his teams. Manager. Legend. Gentleman. Even after death, Bobby Robson remains all those things to soccer fans around the world.

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Paleo Way - Season 1

Through travel and talks with experts, celebrity chef Pete Evans shares information and recipes that showcase the benefits of a paleo lifestyle. Delectable dishes. Science-backed research. Real-life stories. Learn the modern approach to eating like our ancestors.

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A Beautiful Life

After meeting under awkward circumstances, a glamorous businesswoman and a tradition-bound policeman begin a relationship that changes their lives.

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Crossroads: One Two Jaga

In Kuala Lumpur, an abused domestic worker tries to escape to Indonesia, while an idealistic cop insists on fighting corruption -- at a heavy price. Immigrant laborers and corrupt police. In a world of desperation, doing the right thing isn't just hard. It's dangerous.

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Roll With Me

Backed by a crew of unlikely allies, newly sober paraplegic Gabriel Cordell teams up with his nephew for a grueling wheelchair trek across America. With a 3,100-mile journey ahead, they’ll abandon the comforts of home -- and brace for the path to personal redemption.

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Man vs Wild with Sunny Leone - Season 1

The adventures of Bear Grylls get a unique spin as Bollywood star Sunny Leone hosts the show famous for revealing Bear's wilderness survival skills.

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Fit for Fashion - Season 1

In this reality series, physique meets fashion as contestants compete in challenges to transform both body and image for the grand prize of $100,000. Treasure hunts, obstacle courses, photo shoots. Nerves run high as physical grit and fashion savvy are put to the test.

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Look for a Star

While keeping his identity secret, a real estate billionaire tries to woo an outspoken croupier who talks gamblers out of losing their money.

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