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New Netflix Releases for November 1, 2015

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Top Boy: Summerhouse - Series 2

In this gritty, stylish drama series, two London drug dealers ply their lucrative trade at a public housing estate in North London. Drugs. Violence. Alliances. Revenge. Welcome to life in the urban jungle. If you're not on top, you may be dead.

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Garfunkel and Oates - Season 1

Two hapless, twentysomething single women try to make it as a duo performing satirical songs about their personal and professional lives. Are catchy tunes and salty lyrics the key to fame these ladies have been looking for? Folk music's never been funnier.

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Awake: The Life of Yogananda

The story of mystic Paramahansa Yogananda illuminates his key role in bringing yoga and meditation to the modern Western world, inspiring millions. For many, yoga is a way of life. Meet the man who popularized this culture of spiritual and physical well-being.

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Last Days in Vietnam

This documentary recounts the Vietnam War's final days, when unexpected roadblocks threatened the evacuation of America's South Vietnamese allies.

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Worst Year of My Life, Again - Season 1

After a school year filled with humiliation, bullying and girl trouble, a boy awakens to find that time has reset itself and he must relive it all. He barely survived being 14. And now he has to live through it all again. Every. Ridiculous. Moment.

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Stewart Lee: 41st Best Stand Up Ever

Inspired by his ranking on a TV countdown, a wry Lee riffs on the absurdities of fame, from reality TV wars to a gig he performed in an insect suit. He's not even No. 1 on his mother's comedy list. A mischievous look at pop culture from the middle of the pack.

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A grueling battle over turning a seaside town near Rome into a gambling paradise exposes criminal rivalries and endemic corruption on a grand scale. A dream as big as Monte Carlo or Vegas, protected by corrupt politicians, blessed by the church. But costs are rising.

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The Harvest

Forbidden to visit the chronically ill boy next door, spirited young Maryann befriends him anyway -- and discovers a dangerous family secret. He was home-schooled and sheltered by his overprotective parents all his life. Then she moved in next door.

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Everybody Street

Explore the lives of New York City's iconic street photographers and the countless scenes of magic, misery and mayhem they've captured over the years. They've ventured down every alley to bring back surreal scenes of city life. Now it's their turn in front of the lens.

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New Netflix Releases for October 31, 2015


Wolf Warrior

An expert marksman in the Chinese special forces is pursued by deadly foreign mercenaries hired by a vicious drug lord to assassinate him. Court-martialed for disobeying orders. Recruited into an elite team of fighters. And now, hunted by corrupt hired guns.

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bachelor night

When a bachelor and a bachelorette party collide in Vegas, sparks fly between the engaged guests of honor, sending both groups of friends scrambling. Bachelor parties are meant to be wild. But hooking up with a thug's fiancée? Good luck getting to the altar on time.

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Rise of the Continents - Season 1

Geologist Iain Stewart hosts this series that explores the theory that Earth's continents will reform into the ancient single continent of Pangea. A powerful hypothesis about the future of the planet, one that can only be explained by traveling into the distant past.

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The Gunman

Preparing to retire, a black ops assassin discovers that someone from his outfit wants him dead, thrusting him into a global chase to save himself.

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Soon after moving to a remote desert town, a couple is frantic when their children go missing. As the search mounts, no one is immune from suspicion. Their children vanished into the desert sand. Now, the desperate search is unearthing secrets from the past.

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The Salvation

In the Old West, a Danish homesteader avenges the murder of his wife and son, only to unleash a gang leader's brutal fury. A deadly cycle of violence and vengeance plays itself out in the Old West, with an innocent settler at the center.

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Hum Saath-Saath Hain

A scheming matriarch plots to cut off her disabled stepson and his wife from the family fortune, creating a division within the clan. A greedy woman casts out her stepson and his family. But her own sons show the loyalty she lacks.

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