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New Netflix Releases for October 1, 2015


Million Dollar Intern - Season 1

Successful entrepreneurs disguise themselves as interns at struggling companies to analyze where the businesses are faltering in this reality series. Failure looms for a company on the brink of bankruptcy. Only one thing can turn this business around: a new intern.

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The Girl Is in Trouble

A failed New York DJ becomes entangled in a murder mystery involving a Swedish woman, a missing drug dealer and the scion of a powerful family. With video a woman took, he could blackmail a killer and be set for life. Will he risk her life to save his own?

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Tell Spring Not to Come This Year

Follow the lives of two Afghan National Army soldiers as they continue the fight against the Taliban in the wake of NATO troops’ departure in 2014. To the fighters in the Afghan National Army, it's them against the world, even in their own country.

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One Direction: This Is Us

Award-winning documentarian Morgan Spurlock turns his camera on boy band phenomenon One Direction in this combination concert film and backstage pass. Onstage, they make all the girls go crazy, but what happens when the boys get behind closed doors?

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Grown Ups 2

After moving his family back to his hometown, Lenny Feder and his grown-up childhood friends learn lessons from their kids -- and some of the locals. They say you can't go home again. Lenny is about to find out that "they" kind of knew what they were talking about.

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Secrets of Underground London

Experts examine the ruins and relics hidden beneath London's surface, unearthing a Roman amphitheater, plague pits, air raid shelters and more. From ancient caves to top-secret bunkers, there's more to London than meets the eye. Uncover the city's buried history.

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The Smurfs 2

Evil magician Gargamel continues his quest to tap the power of the Smurfs, creating a pair of his own "Smurf-alikes" called the Naughties.

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Underworld: Evolution

Vampire warrior Selene and werewolf hybrid Michael learn the history of the ongoing war between the patrician Death Dealers and the barbarous Lycans. Vampires and werewolves: They just can't stop fighting. And one blood-sucking assassin can't stop kicking butt.

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

A young woman in ancient China longs for an adventurous life rather than a dull arranged marriage in Ang Lee's Oscar-winning martial arts epic. These warriors rise to the occasion in more ways than one. They take the fight to the roof and treetops.

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Smooth and sexy Hitch helps clients make a great first impression on a date, but he's thrown when a lovely reporter starts nosing around his business. If you're a fool for love, this charmer will help you. But the tables are turned when he falls for a sexy cynic.

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Queens & Cowboys

The out and proud cowhands of the International Gay Rodeo Association rope and ride to qualify for the World Finals in this inspiring documentary. Forget everything you think you know about the people who ride in the rodeo. These cowpokes are changing the game.

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Scream - Season 1

In this new TV series sequel to the classic horror franchise, a cyberbullying incident in Lakewood leads to a murder with chilling echoes of the past. Every horror sequel has its own set of rules. Can this new generation of teens survive long enough to figure out theirs?

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Ned Rifle

Ned sets out to murder his father for bringing heartache to his family in the final chapter of a trilogy that began with "Henry Fool" and "Fay Grim." He's a man with a plan. What plan? Kill his dad. He'd do it, too. If he didn't fall for a woman with plans of her own.

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Nova: Killer Landslides

Scientists examine the causes of the 2014 Oso, Washington, landslide, the worst in decades.

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| Science & Nature Documentaries | Documentaries |


The Dark Knight

As Batman, Lt. Gordon and the district attorney continue to dismantle Gotham's criminal underground, a new villain threatens to undo their good work. A city swarms with fear. And a twisted, cackling madman will shatter the very notion of a hero. Why so serious?

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After Earth

After crash-landing on the long-abandoned planet Earth, a young boy sets out to find a beacon that will save him -- and his dying father -- from doom. Earth has been abandoned for a thousand years. So how do a father and son who crash-land here get back home?

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