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New Netflix Releases for October 9, 2019


Brother in Love

A robbery leaves a proprietor penniless before his wedding, but becoming a son-in-law to a second family might be the financial solution he needs. For this broke store owner, money can't buy happiness -- but it might force him to be a son-in-law for two families.

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New Netflix Releases for October 8, 2019

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Deon Cole: Cole Hearted

Embracing his belief that comedy is the last raw form of expression, Deon Cole explains the right time to thank Jesus and the wrong time to say "welp." He believes in being honest. Very honest. From his worst threesome to how he wiggled out of a speeding ticket, Deon speaks his truth.

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| Stand-Up Comedy | Comedies |

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The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants...

When Melvin tries to cancel Halloween, clever best friends Harold and George create their own spooky holiday -- and it's a huge success! Halloween's been declared illegal. But fear not! Harold and George won't hand over this holiday without a fight.

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New Netflix Releases for October 6, 2019

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Legend Quest: Masters of Myth - Season 1

When mythical creatures come to life, it's up to Leo, Teodora, Don Andrés and Alebrije -- super-secret monster hunters -- to save the day. Wild legends. Wild creatures. Wild adventures. Join Leo and his team of monster hunters on an epic quest to save the world.

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New Netflix Releases for October 5, 2019

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Signal - Season 1

Communicating via a walkie-talkie that transcends time, a profiler from 2015 and a detective from 1989 join forces to tackle crimes and injustice. They hold the key to solve cold cases, maybe even prevent them from ever happening -- but not without consequences.

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Raising Dion - Season 1

A widowed mom sets out to solve the mystery surrounding her young son's emerging superpowers while keeping his extraordinary gifts under wraps. Dion's a smart, sensitive boy with mind-blowing superpowers -- and a fiercely protective mom who'll shield him at all costs.

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Kids on the Block

When their fun in the park is threatened by a neighborhood nagger, a group of friends declares war to play freely on their turf. They're putting the phones down and playing outside instead. But first, they must deal with the local grouch.

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| Children & Family Movies | Turkish Movies | Family Comedies |

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Ready to Mingle

After the man she thought she'd marry breaks up with her, Ana joins a class for single women who are in search of a husband. She walked into the class single. She wanted to walk out engaged. No matter the cost. Or the husband.

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| Comedies | International Comedies | Mexican Movies |

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Peaky Blinders - Season 5

A notorious gang in 1919 Birmingham, England, is led by the fierce Tommy Shelby, a crime boss set on moving up in the world no matter the cost. A murderous English street gang. A veteran Irish lawman called in to bring them down. Blood will be shed.

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New Netflix Releases for October 4, 2019

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The Deep - Season 3

The Nektons are a family of underwater explorers who discover the hidden secrets of the oceans, including sunken cities, sea creatures and pirates. While the rest of the world gazes up at the stars, this family is exploring the wonders of the ocean's depths.

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| Animation | International Kids' TV | International TV Shows | Australian TV Shows | Kids' TV | International Animation |

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King of Boys

When a powerful businesswoman’s political ambitions are threatened by her underworld connections, the ensuing power struggle could cost her everything.

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| Nollywood Movies | Crime Movies | African Movies |

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Creeped Out - Season 2

A masked figure known as "The Curious" collects tales of dark magic, otherworldly encounters and twisted technology in this kids anthology series. Mysterious creatures. Time warps. Technology gone haywire. Enter a world of strange and spine-chilling tales ... if you dare.

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| Kids' TV | British TV Shows | TV Shows | Halloween Treats |

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Living Undocumented - Season 1

Eight undocumented families' fates roller-coast as the United States' immigration policies are transformed. New possibilities. New lives. But when an immigrant is undocumented, longed-for new opportunities come at a price.

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| Social & Cultural Docs | TV Shows | Documentaries | US TV Shows | Docuseries |

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Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons

Four of the richest bachelors in Abuja, Nigeria enjoy a life of fast cars, palatial homes and female attention while concealing their true activities. They are Nigeria's most eligible bachelors -- slick, rich, and smooth. But their business isn't totally what it seems.

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| Comedies | African Movies | Nollywood Movies |


The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai

In this sequel to the 2016 hit "The Wedding Party," a couple's date night ends in an accidental proposal, sparking a series of chaotic family events.

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| Nollywood Movies | Comedies | African Movies |

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Seis Manos - Season 1

Orphans raised by a martial arts master are plunged into a mystery involving demonic powers, drug cartels, ancient rituals and blood sacrifice. Their beloved master has been slain by a Satanic drug lord. All that's left are their fists -- and revenge.

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