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New Netflix Releases for October 28, 2019


Z4 - Season 2

Fading music biz veteran Zé realizes he has just one more chance at redemption: He must assemble a hit boy band from a ragtag group of pop newbies. It takes more than good looks and pop hooks to make a boy band. That's the takeaway for one producer and four protégés.

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A 3 Minute Hug

This documentary captures the joy and heartbreak of families separated by the U.S.-Mexico border sharing a short but bittersweet reunion in 2018. Some haven't seen each other in years. Some may never see each other again. The clock is ticking on the reunion of a lifetime.

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Little Miss Sumo

In an ancient sport traditionally reserved for men, 20-year-old female sumo prodigy Hiyori attempts to revolutionize Japan’s national pastime. Her dreams of women competing professionally ring true to this day. Now she’s pushing for a change to make it a reality.

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New Netflix Releases for October 27, 2019

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Grey's Anatomy - Season 15

Intern (and eventual resident) Meredith Grey finds herself caught up in personal and professional passions with fellow doctors at a Seattle hospital. Neither their patients' problems nor their own relationships are black-and-white. It's all shades of grey.

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The Lies Within - Season 1

After her father dies and her husband goes missing, Kim Seo-hui teams up with detective Jo Tae-sik and joins the National Assembly.

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New Netflix Releases for October 26, 2019

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It Takes a Lunatic

The extraordinary life of beloved acting teacher and theatre producer Wynn Handman is recalled in this portrait of a provocative, innovative artist. He trained a generation of stars and produced plays nobody else would touch. Theatre would never be the same.

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Full House - Season 5

Sisters D.J., Stephanie and Michelle grow up with three devoted father figures: their widowed dad, his goofy best friend and their cool uncle. A widower raising three daughters needs a lot of backup. This non-traditional family faces traditionally funny problems.

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New Netflix Releases for October 25, 2019

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Prank Encounters - Season 1

Monstrous frights meet hilarious reveals on this hidden-camera prank show as real people become the stars of their own full-blown horror movie. Killer teddy bears, a sketchy scarecrow and other freaky frights await poor souls caught in the craziest temp gigs ever.

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Nailed It! Spain - Season 1

On this competition show, novice bakers try to avoid a fiasco while duplicating stunning sweets. At stake are a trophy and 5,000 euros. A force of nature: La Terremoto de Alcorcón. A baking sensei: Christian Escribà. And a slew of not-so-great home bakers.

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Nailed It! France - Season 1

On this fun and funny competition show, home bakers talented in catastrophe struggle to re-create dessert masterpieces and win a 5,000 euro prize. When it comes to confections, France has a reputation to uphold. Watch rookie cooks dismantle it, one cake at a time.

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Greenhouse Academy - Season 3

When teen siblings Hayley and Alex enter an elite boarding school, they find rivalry, romance and a mystery related to the recent loss of their mom. After losing their mom, they made a fresh start at a new school. But behind the classes and crushes, a conspiracy lurks.

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Arrow - Season 7

Based on DC Comics' Green Arrow, an affluent playboy becomes a vengeful superhero, saving the city from villains armed with just a bow and arrows. A bow and arrow and a chip on his shoulder. In this wealthy superhero's hands, they're all he needs to fight crime.

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New Netflix Releases for October 24, 2019

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Revenge of the Pontianak

A wedding in a Malaysian village leaves out one guest: a scorned vampire ghost bent on settling a secret score with the groom and anyone in her way. Something new. Something borrowed. Something gruesome. A ghost avenges her death with a lethal new wedding tradition.

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The Big Family Cooking Showdown - Season 2

In this unscripted series, families passionate about food serve up their most delicious dishes for the chance to be crowned Britain's best home cooks. Mothers, dads, daughters, sons, grandparents and more. Working together to turn home-cooked food into something extraordinary.

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New Netflix Releases for October 20, 2019

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Little Baby Bum: Nursery Rhyme Friends - Season 2

Twinkle, Mia, Jacus and the rest of the Nursery Rhyme Friends perform catchy tunes for the little ones. Animals. Numbers. Shapes. In this vivid world filled with cheerful songs, you can learn about so many things.

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New Netflix Releases for October 19, 2019

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Marvel's Avengers Assemble - Season 1


After Iron Man persuades his fellow superheroes to reunite, the Avengers combine their skills to battle both longtime foes and deadly new villains. They're all amazing superheroes on their own, but they're even better as a team. Bad guys don't stand a chance!

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