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New Netflix Releases for September 12, 2013


The Transporter


A former Special Forces Officer will deliver anything for the right price, but he finds himself in danger when he learns his latest cargo is alive. Any package, delivered anywhere, no questions asked. Those were the rules of one highly-skilled driver. Until now.

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In the Land of Women


Disillusioned writer Carter Webb heads to the Michigan home of his ailing grandmother with plans to nurse her back to health. When a soft-core porn writer moves in with his ailing grandma, he learns some hard-core lessons about love.

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The Killing - Season 1


Seattle homicide detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder are deeply affected by the murders they investigate in this dark, acclaimed crime series. There's no sunshine for a detective when a girl's killer is free. And the case is getting colder by the second.

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Out of Reach


Former government agent William discovers that a girl he's sponsoring in a foster care program is being victimized by a human trafficking ring.

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Laws of Attraction


Divorce attorneys and bitter rivals wind up getting hitched after a night of drinking and must stay married to preserve their prominent careers. Two high-powered attorneys deal with the fallout from one impulsive act. Could there be a silver lining?

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The Accidental Spy


A salesman learns he may be the long-lost son of a wealthy businessman. But his father turns out to be a secret agent seeking an elusive drug. An average guy with dreams of globe-trotting adventure gets his wish. Can he take down a ruthless Hong Kong crime boss?

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Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle


Buddies Harold and Kumar set out to satisfy a stoner craving for hamburgers but end up on an epic journey when they can't find White Castle. Stoned pals hit the road with a bad case of the munchies. If the weed doesn't get them, the burgers or the cops will.

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The Prince & Me


When sparks fly between a college freshman and one of her classmates, she's clueless that he's actually a Danish prince spending a year in America. A pre-med student has a spoiled royal rethinking his womanizing ways. Is this cad ready for commitment?

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Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium


When 243-year-old Mr. Magorium falls ill, he turns over his fantastical toy store to his manager, who isn't sure she's ready to take the reins. The new owner of a magical toy shop is having doubts. She believes in magic, but can she believe in herself?

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Dawn of the Dead


In the wake of a plague, America is overrun by millions of cannibalistic zombies. A small group of survivors tries to find refuge in a shopping mall. What's more frightening than a world filled with flesh-eating zombies? A Midwestern shopping mall. Filled with zombies.

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The Mothman Prophecies


A reporter is plunged into a world of terror when he arrives in a town plagued by a mysterious winged shape that sows nightmares and fevered visions. A tragic death. A terrifying vision. This reporter lands in a twilight zone while digging for the truth.

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The Forbidden Kingdom


Jackie Chan and Jet Li star in this rousing adventure about a martial arts movie fan who finds a mystical staff that transports him to ancient China. A martial arts-obsessed teen is living the dream after he's transported to the world of his favorite movies.

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Hot Shots! Part Deux


Charlie Sheen returns as Lt. Topper Harley, who's tapped for a risky mission to rescue Americans from the clutches of a despot with a guard poodle. When soldiers go missing, America calls in its best and brightest. And when that doesn't work, they call Topper Harley.

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Jeepers Creepers 2


An ancient creature known as the Creeper terrorizes a group of varsity basketball players, cheerleaders and coaches stranded on a remote highway.

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Real Humans - Season 1


This drama series set in a parallel universe imagines a world where robots have become so human that they're barely distinguishable from real humans. The line between man and robot no longer exists. In an uncharted world, who will be held responsible?

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Sons of Anarchy - Season 1


After seizing control of its town, gun-running motorcycle club the Sons of Anarchy soon butts heads with rival bikers, racist groups and the law. In Central California's most notorious biker brotherhood, the rules are simple: you live and die for The Club.

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