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January 2019 Update: Want to learn how to get American Netflix in Ireland? Check out get-american-netflix.com for information on how to change your Netflix country to the USA or to one of 5 other countries and watch international Netflix! Don't miss out on thousands of movies and TV shows that you can't get in Ireland.

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Netflix doesn't do a great job showing new titles as they arrive in different countries. This site is constantly checking for new titles (movies and TV shows) around the world, and is updated numerous times a day with the newest releases. We've recently added Netflix India, Pakistan, Russia, and more! Perfect for users in Ireland, but also for users of Netflix-country-switching systems.

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New Netflix Releases for January 18, 2019

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Memory Love - Season 1

Losing her memory -- and her boyfriend -- after a car accident, Jia-en crosses paths with a heart transplant recipient who helps her recall her past. She loses her memory. He gets a new beating heart. When she remembers herself again, will heart and mind still meet?

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Pitch Perfect

This music-steeped comedy draws on the world of a cappella groups to tell the story of an intense competition between three ensembles. As singing groups go, it's a ragtag bunch. But they've got the spunk to win over the world. And they just might do it.

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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor...

The Biblical story of Joseph is set to music in Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's production. When Jacob's favorite son Joseph is sold into slavery by his envious siblings, Joseph ends up in jail but soon starts to interpret the Pharaoh's dreams. From biblical tale to Broadway hit to vividly tuneful movie musical, it's a paean to the art of dream interpretation.

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From his dead-end job to dealing with his deadbeat brother, the things that comprise Ed's life don't amount to much. But when a television executive puts Ed in front of the camera 24 hours a day, his now-public existence gets much more interesting.

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Legends of Strength - Season 1

From a circus entertainer to a grip master, meet the bodybuilding heroes who defied physical limits and redefined the meaning of strength.

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Paco Ignacio Taibo II brings his book trilogy to life, highlighting Mexico's history in 1854-1867, a period he considers foundational to the country.

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After his car is blown up, maverick vice cop Michael Dooley reluctantly teams up with police dog Jerry Lee to hunt down an elusive drug dealer. The coolest cop in California plays by his own rule book. But his new partner just ate that book.

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When an army of zombies invades a small town, it's up to an odd local boy with a knack for communicating with the dead to save the day. Poor little Norman. No one in town ever believed he could talk to the dead. That's about to change.

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This fast-paced documentary profiles Ayrton Senna, one of the greatest drivers in the history of Formula One racing, and a hero in his native Brazil. You know what they say about living fast. But for a superstar car racer, there's no other way to live.

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New Netflix Releases for January 17, 2019

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Looking for a way out of his impoverished life, a lowly hotel waiter joins an underground fight club. Then he needs a way out of that. He'll do anything to achieve a better life ... including risk it.

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Horrid Henry - Season 5

To his family's frustration, Henry is skilled at making trouble, from babysitting pets in his bedroom to starting a shark panic at the swimming pool. Parents, baby sitters, teachers -- yuck! This little boy just wants to have fun and get into adventures.

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The Guardian - Season 1

A group of citizens traumatized by violent crime and let down by the legal system band together to seek justice on behalf of their loved ones. A detective. A prosecutor. A hacker. An insomniac. Each with a painful past -- and committed to protecting the weak.

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Reboot: The Guardian Code - Season 2

Four tech-savvy teens hone their skills as cyber-superheroes in a series of secret missions to save the world. Online, these teens are unbeatable. But can they thwart an evil hacker's plans to send humanity back into the Dark Ages?

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Poldark - Season 3

A British soldier returns to Cornwall from the American Revolutionary War and rebuilds his tattered estate, reopens his father's mine and finds love. A broken soldier aims to put himself together post-war, but first he must find the fractured pieces of his former life.

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New Netflix Releases for January 15, 2019


Driven to Dance

A young dancer grapples with her dream to join a famed ballet company against the wishes of her mother, who pushes her to pursue a more practical path. It's the audition of her life. She has all the talent she needs -- but can she nail it without the support she wants?

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Hell-bent on avenging the murder of his family, a former detective infiltrates a remote island that serves as a prison for vicious death row criminals. An island of exiles and lawless brutes. A newcomer with vengeance on his mind. It's survival -- to the death.

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