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Netflix doesn't do a great job showing new titles as they arrive in different countries. This site is constantly checking for new titles (movies and TV shows) around the world, and is updated numerous times a day with the newest releases. We've recently added Netflix India, Pakistan, Russia, and more! Perfect for users in Japan, but also for users of Netflix-country-switching systems.

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New Netflix Releases for January 21, 2019

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Kemono Friends 2 - Season 1

The magical adventures with the fun-loving Kemono Friends continue when a hungry human child stumbles into Jabari Park.

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Yummy Mummies - Season 1

It's drama Down Under when expectant mothers with model good looks and lavish lifestyles pull out all the stops to prepare for their new arrivals. They're fabulously rich, stunningly beautiful -- and very pregnant. Meet some of Australia's most exclusive mums-to-be.

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Justice - Season 1

Defying pressure to join her father's firm, a determined young lawyer strikes out on her own and fights to maintain faith in Abu Dhabi's justice system. Daughter, sister and lawyer. From the courtroom to her family home, she’s prepared to face life’s challenges head-on.

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New Netflix Releases for January 19, 2019

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Zoolander 2

A decade after achieving supermodel stardom, fashion icons Derek and Hansel are lured back into the business and recruited for a top secret mission.

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The Magnificent KOTOBUKI - Season 1

A fierce gang of hired fighter pilots bravely protect the citizens of a barren desert frontier. For these ladies, dogfights are a daily affair. Air pirates, you’ve been warned. With a desert city in desperate need, they’ll go nose-to-nose with anyone in a dogfight.

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Lavender - Season 1

Before one of them moves to the U.S., two childhood friends promise to reunite as adults. But illness and the vagaries of the heart stand in the way.

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New Netflix Releases for January 18, 2019

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While fighting crimes against women in Delhi, a short-fused policewoman and her level-headed female boss grapple with gender issues in their own lives. Being cops makes them powerful. But being female puts them at a disadvantage. Amid double standards, can they make a change?

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Carmen Sandiego - Season 1

A master thief who uses her skills for good, Carmen Sandiego travels the world foiling V.I.L.E.'s evil plans -- with help from her savvy sidekicks. She’s a globetrotting thief in red with smarts, heart and a taste for adventure. And she’s always one step ahead.

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As a young scientist searches for a way to save a dying Earth, she finds a connection with a man who's racing to catch the last shuttle off the planet. A ruined world. A mass exodus. A dutiful daughter. She's looking for signs of life. And one just dropped from the sky.

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When attackers target the heiress she's protecting, battle-hardened bodyguard Sam scrambles to save her client -- and teach her how to fight back. One's prepared for anything. The other's been given everything. To survive what's coming, these women will have to trust each other.

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Trigger Warning with Killer Mike - Season 1

In this funny and provocative series, rapper and activist Killer Mike puts his revolutionary ideas about achieving social change into action. He speaks truth to power. And he has a damn good time doing it. The world has big problems. Killer Mike offers solutions.

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FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never...

The Fyre Festival was billed as a luxury music experience on a posh private island, but it failed spectacularly in the hands of a cocky entrepreneur. He promised supermodels and yachts, but delivered tents and cheese sandwiches. How one man engineered a music festival disaster.

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Grace and Frankie - Season 5

They’re not friends, but when their husbands leave them for each other, proper Grace and eccentric Frankie begin to bond in this Emmy-nominated series. Grace and Frankie think their lives in retirement are all set. Then their husbands declare their love for each other.

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Star Trek: Discovery - Season 2

After a century of silence, war erupts between the Federation and Klingon Empire, with a disgraced Starfleet officer at the center of the conflict. They're going boldly where no one has gone before. Until a mighty empire rises up to end their mission forever.

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Marvel's The Punisher - Season 2

A former Marine out to punish the criminals responsible for his family's murder finds himself ensnared in a military conspiracy. Frank Castle is both haunted and hunted. In the criminal underworld, he'll become known as The Punisher.

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New Netflix Releases for January 17, 2019

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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War - Season 1

The proudly privileged top two students of an elite school each makes it their mission to be the first to extract a confession of love from the other. They're in love but the first one to admit it is a loser -- and neither of them has ever lost in anything.

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