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New Netflix Releases for April 1, 2016



A reporter working on a biography of baseball player Ty Cobb finds that his hero is far from heroic. What is the truth, and should it be revealed? Some call him the greatest baseball player who ever lived. But the man behind the legend was far from perfect.

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Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City - Season 1

A new set of six men and women start their lives together under one roof. All they get is a fabulous home and a car. As always, there is no script. Friendship, fights, intrigue and even love, all under one roof. Six real-life strangers, one house, countless cameras.

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A New Orleans district attorney investigates the assassination of John F. Kennedy and discovers there's more to the story than the official report. There's the official story, and then there's the truth. The truth is always more interesting -- and more dangerous.

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Joy Ride

During a cross-country trip with his girlfriend and ne'er-do-well brother, a college student plays a mean trick on a trucker -- and soon regrets it. The desert's wide open. But the smallest slight can catch the attention of a psycho with no face and big wheels.

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Empire Records

High Fidelity meets You've Got Mail in this comedy about a music store that may be swallowed by a chain store and its struggle to survive. It's the last independent record store in Delaware. Check your uniforms and dorky corporate attitude at the door.

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When a retired thief is implicated in the disappearance of a priceless painting, an insurance investigator sets a trap to catch her suspect. A high-rise heist that defies gravity. It takes a thief to catch a thief ... if you know who's catching who.

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Epic Movie

Four orphans visit a magic chocolate factory, where an enchanted wardrobe zaps them back to the land of Gnarnia in this spoof of a dozen blockbusters. Movies about wizards and superheroes are too big. Wouldn't it be fun to deflate them? Here's the pin ...

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| Late Night Comedies | Comedies | Satires |



Jennifer Garner reprises a role she originated in Daredevil. Now an assassin for the shadowy Order of the Hand, Elektra is assigned to off a widower. A female assassin with axes to grind. She's got OCD, toxic rage and, bad luck, she's in love with her next assignment.

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This documentary follows a global competition that addresses technology workforce gender disparity by encouraging young women to enter the field. It's a $77 billion industry that's 80 percent male. One worldwide tech contest tries to narrow the gender gap.

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| Documentaries | Social & Cultural Docs |


Ezrah Amerikai

An Israeli sportswriter and an American basketball star playing for a local team forge a deep bond.

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New Netflix Releases for March 31, 2016



He needed a getaway car. But when bungling bank robber Franklin Laszlo hijacks a minivan, he finds himself driving a carpool. He thought toting a van full of kids to school would be the worst part of his busy morning. Boy, was he ever wrong.

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| Family Features | Children & Family Movies | Family Comedies |


Runaway Jury

Nick Easter gets himself on the jury of a landmark case against a gun manufacturer and, as the foreman, tries to influence the other jurors. Sway from the inside, pull the strings from the outside. A duplicitous couple works justice like a puppet.

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| Crime Movies | Crime Thrillers | Thrillers |


Little Manhattan

Set in the Big Apple, this quirky tale of first love puts a spotlight on pint-sized passion as two urban fifth-graders explore their budding emotions. They've known each other since they were little kids, but they're suddenly seeing each other through new eyes.

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| Family Comedies | Family Features | Children & Family Movies |


First Daughter

The U.S. president's daughter insists on attending college as a normal kid. But when your dad's the leader of the free world, "normal" is relative. College life is nothing like growing up in the White House. Good thing that's (almost) exactly what she wanted.

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| Comedies | Romantic Comedies | Teen Comedies |


Freddy Got Fingered

An off-the-wall animator moves into his parents' basement, meets a girl and drives everyone around him crazy with indescribably outrageous antics. He's the meanest, most self-centered guy you’d never want to meet. Just ask his best friends and family.

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Death Row Dogs

Delve into issues surrounding dangerous dogs, including attacks on humans, criminals who run fighting rings and police efforts to curb problems. Fear, violence and crime shadow these animals. But what can be done to prevent cases of dogs gone bad?

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