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New Netflix Releases for March 31, 2016


Firehouse Dog

Movie star dog Rexxx is out of his element when he gets lost far from home. But a boy and a team of firefighters give him a true sense of belonging. When a pampered movie star dog lands outside Hollywood, he'll need some down-to-earth help to teach him about real life.

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Turtle Beach

An Australian journalist teams up with a diplomat's wife to expose the horrors awaiting Vietnamese boat people in Malaysia. She went looking for a good story and stumbled into a brutal world. Now it's about to change her life.

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Beyond JFK

This nonfiction companion to Oliver Stone's "JFK" looks at the investigation into and conspiracy theories around the Kennedy assassination. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, who acted alone. Or so goes the official story. The truth is out there.

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Dangerous Beauty

Prevented from marrying her nobleman lover, a common woman in 16th-century Venice is left with two choices: join a convent or become a courtesan. She has beauty. She has brains. But to live as a free woman in 16th-century Venice, she'll need to open up her bedroom.

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Elliot Richards makes a pact with the devil, granting him seven wishes in exchange for his soul. But each wish has a disastrous, and hilarious, catch. Who needs a soul when you get seven wishes? But be careful what you wish for, especially when dealing with a sexy devil.

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Goodbye Lover

Obsessively upbeat Sandra is married to a hard-drinking ad executive and having a fling with his brother, who is also sleeping with his secretary. A vixen beds her alcoholic mate and his womanizing brother. They're a loving family. If you ignore murder and blackmail.

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Made in America

A black teenager's world is turned upside down when she learns that she was conceived through artificial insemination and her biological dad is white. A young woman gets some shocking news: Her real father was a sperm donor. But that's not even the biggest surprise.

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Todo Cambia

Former students discuss their experiences at Cuba's premier national art school, founded by Fidel Castro to nurture the country's cultural legacy. Painters, dancers, sculptors, actors. Students at an elite art school craft a nation's cultural heritage.

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A Time to Kill

When two white men brutally rape a young black girl in a Southern town, the child's father fears their acquittal and takes the law into his own hands. A father's outrage leads to a sticky trial. Anger is understandable -- but it breeds a deadly hatred.

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Hear No Evil

A deaf personal trainer becomes the target of a ruthless cop after she unknowingly takes possession of a valuable coin. A corrupt cop wants back what he's stolen. A quick-witted deaf woman stands in his way. Game on.

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The Mambo Kings

Two musician brothers flee Havana in the 1950s with big dreams, but a secret they hoped would stay in Cuba threatens to tear the Mambo Kings apart. Two brothers brought the Cuban beat to 1950s New York with hot music, dancing and romance that won't stop smoldering.

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Deck the Halls

An optometrist's Christmas celebration gets upstaged by a new neighbor who wants to create a holiday display bright enough to be seen from space. Two neighbors doing battle for Yuletide supremacy. Get ready for an extreme Christmas -- and alert the space station!

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The Fountain

Spanning a millennium, this mind-bending sci-fi drama centers on a dogged time-traveler in search of a tree believed to grant eternal life. Immortality, the cure, then the enlightenment. A widower's quest stretches around space and millennia.

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The Darkest Hour

Young Americans visit Moscow when the city is turned upside down by an alien invasion and band together with the locals to fight back. They're not from around these parts. Then again, neither are the aliens currently invading the country.

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Sulemani Keeda

A pair of ne'er-do-wells with Bollywood dreams finally get a chance to write a screenplay, but romance might get in their way. Which one really matters the most: pursuing your career ambitions or winning at the game of love?

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Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer

The journey of fashion designer Jeremy Scott from humble roots on a Missouri farm to creative director of Moschino is charted in this documentary. He's known for bold designs blending street style and pop culture. Celebrities adore his work. Some critics don't.

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