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New Netflix Releases for March 31, 2016


The Wildebeest Migration

This documentary captures one of nature's most dramatic events: the perilous 2,000-mile annual migration of African wildebeests across the Serengeti. It's one of the most amazing sights on earth. For the animals making the journey, it's a life-or-death struggle.

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She-Wolves: England’s Early Queens - Season 1

This documentary series explores the often-overlooked role of women monarchs in English history, from Eleanor of Aquitaine to the three Tudor queens. It's a man's world, they say, but that didn't keep these seven fearless women from ruling England and making history.

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Sleepwalkers Who Kill

This documentary takes a serious look at a rare medical and legal condition that has turned ordinary people who sleepwalk into unwitting killers. They can't even remember how it happened. But sleep turned into deadly nightmares, for their victims and themselves.

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Don't Say a Word

A New York City shrink must extract the whereabouts of some hidden bank loot from the mind of a violent and catatonic mental patient. To save his kid, a frantic shrink needs fast info -- but it's locked in his demented patient's head. She'll never tell.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Four star-crossed lovers run into the forest in pursuit of one another in this adaptation of William Shakespeare's comedic love story. Love is complicated enough proposition to begin with, but once mischievous fairies start working their magic, it's an absolute disaster.

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Down with Love

In the swinging 1960s, womanizing journalist Catcher Block reigns supreme over the ladies, but feminist advice columnist Barbara Novak pushes back. A swinging 1960s playboy and a modern liberated woman. When they come together, role models won't have a chance.

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The Man Who Knew Too Little

In this satire of the spy thriller genre, a video store clerk finds himself caught in a web of espionage after a case of mistaken identity. He's pretending to be a spy but gets mistaken for a hit man. If only the bad guys knew what they're getting into.

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Once Upon a Time in America

Director Sergio Leone's sprawling crime epic follows a group of Jewish mobsters who rise in the ranks of organized crime in 1920s New York City. Youthful delinquency sets off a lifetime of crime, ambition and betrayal for two childhood friends in old Brooklyn.

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Under Siege

A disgruntled ex-CIA operative and his group of terrorists commandeer a soon-to-be-decommissioned battleship -- with nuclear blackmail in mind. A crazed CIA agent has a watertight plan to hijack a battleship. But he's tragically underestimated the resident cook.

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Connie escapes the content but boring life she has with her devoted husband when she starts up an all-consuming affair with Paul. A bored married woman learns steamy affairs don't just end. There's still the guilt. And the jealousy ...

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YO-KAI WATCH - Season 1

Freeing a spirit trapped inside a magic capsule, Nate and his ghostly new friend have adventures with all sorts of troublesome supernatural beings. A boy and his spirit guide use a magic watch to find mischievous ghosts. But which ones to fight and which to befriend?

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This documentary follows several professional strippers as they prepare and hone their acts before entering a burlesque competition in Las Vegas. They take off their clothes in public for money. In private, the lives of these strippers are not what you might expect.

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Second Best

A lonely postal worker applies to adopt a troubled 10-year-old and all is going well -- until the boy's real father is released from prison. An emotionally stunted middle-aged man. An emotionally abused 10-year-old boy. Slowly, they're becoming family.

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When his exes join forces to exact revenge, a wealthy and insensitive playboy must be reincarnated as a beautiful woman in order to save his soul. He's slept around. Objectified women. Broken too many hearts to count. Karma can be a beautiful thing.

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Joe Somebody

Beaten up and humiliated by a co-worker in front of his daughter, Joe trains with a martial arts instructor and plots to knock out his nemesis. This mild-mannered guy kicks things up a notch to fight the office bully. Until he starts to wonder who's the bully now.

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Bee Season

Competing for the approval of her brainy parents, an 11-year-old girl hopes to make an impression by winning the National Spelling Bee. She was the ordinary one in a family of exceptional minds. Until she started winning spelling bees.

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