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July 2022 Update: Want to learn how to get American Netflix in Portugal? Check out get-american-netflix.com for information on how to change your Netflix country to the USA or to one of 5 other countries and watch international Netflix! Don't miss out on thousands of movies and TV shows that you can't get in Portugal.

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Netflix doesn't do a great job showing new titles as they arrive in different countries. This site is constantly checking for new titles (movies and TV shows) around the world, and is updated numerous times a day with the newest releases. We've recently added Netflix India, Pakistan, Russia, and more! Perfect for users in Portugal, but also for users of Netflix-country-switching systems.

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New Netflix Releases for September 26, 2019

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Explained - Season 2

This enlightening series from Vox digs into a wide range of topics such as the rise of cryptocurrency, why diets fail, and the wild world of K-pop. Designer DNA with moral conundrums. Monogamy and monkeys. The motherhood penalty. It's time to explore it all.

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New Netflix Releases for September 25, 2019

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Bird watchers on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border share their enthusiasm for protecting and preserving some of the world's most beautiful species. Separated by a border, united by a singular passion. Walls are no barriers to birds -- or the people fighting to protect them.

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Team Kaylie - Season 1

After a brush with the law, teen celebrity Kaylie Konrad swaps social stardom for court-ordered chaos as a middle school wilderness club leader. She came. She saw. She selfied. What's next for a glamorous starlet? Doing some good in the great outdoors.

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Glitch - Season 3

A police officer and a doctor face an emotionally charged mystery when seven local residents inexplicably return from the dead in peak physical form. Seven people return from the grave. Now a small-town cop and doctor -- and the undead themselves -- want to know why.

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Abstract: The Art of Design - Season 2

Step inside the minds of the most innovative designers in a variety of disciplines and learn how design impacts every aspect of life. They're problem solvers. Tastemakers. Storytellers. Eight design icons share a window into their world.

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Yo-Kai Watch - Season 1

Nate frees a mythical being trapped in a magic capsule, and the two new friends have adventures with all sorts of troublesome supernatural creatures. A boy and his guide use a magic watch to find mischievous beings. But which ones to fight and which ones to befriend?

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KO One - Season 1

Gifted with special powers, fighting skills and slick hair, the rowdy KO One navigates tough friendships and high school romance. These defiant, Shakespeare-quoting troublemakers are feared by everyone in school. Teachers better stay on their toes.

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The Third Charm - Season 1

Both twenty years of age, a college student and an assistant hairdresser meet on a blind date and fall in love despite their opposite personalities. The differences were obvious when they first met. But their connection keeps bringing them back together time after time.

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Loo Loo Kids: Johny & Friends Musical... - Season 1

Music-loving baby Johny goes on dance-filled adventures with his family, friends and adorable critters in this colorful, animated preschooler series. Classic songs and nursery rhymes with Johny and his furry friends mean lots of fun, fun, fun!

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New Netflix Releases for September 24, 2019

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2 Weeks - Season 1

Soon after finding that he’s a bone marrow match for a daughter he never knew existed, a low-level gangster is wanted for a murder he didn’t commit. She’s given him a chance to do something right for once in his life -- and he’ll do anything he can to save her.

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Angel 'N' Devil - Season 1

In a world known as the Copper Dimension, a group of high-school girls fights against dark forces -- and their own inner demons. They fight the darkness threatening to overtake their world. But even these Bad Girls are not above the influence of evil.

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Money Flower - Season 1

Hiding a pivotal secret, the trusted right hand of the powerful Cheong-A Group devises an intricate scheme to bring down the mighty family behind it.

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Whisper - Season 1

On the heels of personal and professional setbacks, Detective Sin Yeong-ju and Judge Lee Dong-jun undertake to dismantle a powerful law firm. They first crossed paths as victims of corporate corruption. Now they’re seeking justice -- but at what cost?

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Defendant - Season 1

Charged with killing his wife and daughter, Prosecutor Park Jeong-u seeks to recoup his memory and build a case unlike any other to prove he’s innocent. Senseless tragedies. Public scandals. As Seoul’s top prosecutor, he's seen it all -- but now he’s the one going through it.

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Part-Time Idol - Season 1

After taking a break from the business, a music producer returns with a new project in mind: launching a co-ed pop idol group.

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Hospital ship - Season 1

A group of doctors and nurses visit remote island villages on a floating hospital to treat patients who don’t have easy access to medical care. They have wounds and troubles of their own. But their duty is to tend to their patients to the best of their abilities.

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