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August 2020 Update: Want to learn how to get American Netflix in South Korea? Check out get-american-netflix.com for information on how to change your Netflix country to the USA or to one of 5 other countries and watch international Netflix! Don't miss out on thousands of movies and TV shows that you can't get in South Korea.

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Netflix doesn't do a great job showing new titles as they arrive in different countries. This site is constantly checking for new titles (movies and TV shows) around the world, and is updated numerous times a day with the newest releases. We've recently added Netflix India, Pakistan, Russia, and more! Perfect for users in South Korea, but also for users of Netflix-country-switching systems.

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New Netflix Releases for November 1, 2019

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A sleazy TV exec looking for cheap, sensational programming stumbles across a fuzzy satellite feed showing torture... and possibly murder.

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| Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Sci-Fi Horror Movies | Cult Horror Movies | Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Horror Movies |

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Single professional Amy fears commitment until she meets the perfect guy. But the harder she falls, the hotter the mess. She's the girl your mother warned you about. Also your friends, your coworkers, her friends and most men's magazines..

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| Comedies | Romantic Comedies | Romantic Movies |

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Before Midnight

Years after being reunited, multinational lovers Jesse and Celine struggle with their faded romance in this second sequel to the drama Before Sunrise. They know each other inside and out, including what buttons to push. Familiarity breeds comfort and a touch of contempt.

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| Romantic Movies | Romantic Dramas | Independent Movies | Independent Dramas | Romantic Independent Movies | Romantic Favorites | Dramas |

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The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them

Told from two perspectives, this engrossing drama depicts the dissolving union of Eleanor and Conor, who begin drifting apart after a tragic event. One romance, two different takes. Their stories together are an epic puzzle of what it means to find your soulmate.

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| Dramas |

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Unfriended: Dark Web

A group of twentysomethings are pulled into a lethal online game after logging onto a stolen laptop. They were having a game night. But the game just changed. On the dark web, the only prize is your life.

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| US Movies | Psychological Thrillers | Thrillers |

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Suburban couple Paul and Audrey decide to have themselves shrunk to tiny size and relocated to a miniature city where they can live in upscale luxury. He took a big chance by choosing to become small. He never imagined he would end up living so large.

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| Social Issue Dramas | Comedies | Dramas |

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Time Renegades

A high school teacher from 1983 and a police detective from 2015 use their ability to connect via dreams to alter the destiny of the woman they love. The one they love is in danger. They have only each other -- and their dreams -- to solve the mystery.

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| Romantic International Movies | International Movies | International Thrillers |

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Cold Eyes

High-tech bank robbers are pursued by an equally high-tech police surveillance team that includes an observant cadet with an exceptional memory.

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| International Movies | International Action & Adventure | Korean Movies |

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Remember the Titans

An African-American coach leads a high school football team that has just been racially integrated, despite the locals' objections, in 1971 Virginia. It's 1971 in a racially thorny town. When everyone isn't rooting for you, it only means you have to play harder.

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| Dramas | Dramas based on real life | 20th Century Period Pieces | Sports Movies | Social Issue Dramas | Biographical Dramas | Sports Dramas |

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The Fortress

When Qing forces attack the Joseon kingdom in the 17th century, King Injo and his retainers hold their ground at Namhansanseong fortress. The king of Joseon faces a difficult choice: Negotiate with the marauding invaders for peace -- or fight to the end.

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| Period Pieces | Movies Based on Books | Korean Movies |

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Let's Go, JETS! From Small Town Girls...

Led by a demanding coach, an unlikely squad of small town girls vie for victory in a major US cheer dance championship. Based on true events. She just wanted to cheer for her crush on the soccer team. Instead, her squad went on to achieve so much more.

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| Japanese Movies | Movies Based on Real Life | Teen Movies |

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Oppai Volleyball

New teacher Mikako might have gone too far. To motivate the dismal boys' volleyball team, she's recklessly promised to take off her top if they win. They could care less about playing volleyball, but they're willing to give it their all for the ultimate reveal.

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| Japanese Movies | Movies Based on Books | Dramas |

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Robin Hood

A war-weary thief masquerades as a frivolous playboy while secretly leading a revolt against the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham.

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| Action & Adventure | Adventures |

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The Karate Kid Part II

Karate champ Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi travel to Okinawa, where Miyagi visits his dying father and rekindles his feelings for a former flame. This time, karate's favorite underdog isn't just fighting for a championship ... he's fighting for his life.

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| Movies for ages 11 to 12 | Teen Dramas | Family Dramas | Sports Dramas | Sports Movies | Martial Arts Movies | Family Features | Children & Family Movies | Action & Adventure | Dramas |

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Deepwater Horizon

This dramatization of the 2010 catastrophe on the titular oil rig also chronicles the 12 hours leading up to what became a colossal man-made disaster.

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| Action & Adventure | Dramas | Adventures |

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Get Hard

Sentenced to a long stretch in San Quentin, a hedge fund manager hires an ex-con to toughen him up, unaware his new mentor has never done prison time. One is rich, white and clueless. The other is black, hard-working and in desperate need of cash. Assumptions are made.

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