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March 2019 Update: Want to learn how to get American Netflix in South Korea? Check out get-american-netflix.com for information on how to change your Netflix country to the USA or to one of 5 other countries and watch international Netflix! Don't miss out on thousands of movies and TV shows that you can't get in South Korea.

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Netflix doesn't do a great job showing new titles as they arrive in different countries. This site is constantly checking for new titles (movies and TV shows) around the world, and is updated numerous times a day with the newest releases. We've recently added Netflix India, Pakistan, Russia, and more! Perfect for users in South Korea, but also for users of Netflix-country-switching systems.

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New Netflix Releases for February 2, 2019

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Friends from College - Season 2

Twenty years after graduation, a tight-knit group of college friends reconnects and discovers that love hasn't gotten easier with age. Getting old is inevitable. Growing up takes practice. These longtime friends share a tangled romantic past.

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Frontier - Season 3

In 18th-century North America, ruthless trappers and entrepreneurs fight to wrest control of the fur trade from the mighty Hudson's Bay Company. The land offers a boundless supply of pelts. All they need to exploit it are greed, brutality and a flair for treachery.

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Spy Kids: Mission Critical - Season 2

In this animated spinoff series, Juni and Carmen Cortez must battle the evil organization S.W.A.M.P. -- without the help of their super-spy parents. With their parents away, this brother-sister spy team faces their toughest mission yet: saving the world.

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Alexa & Katie - Season 2

Alexa is battling cancer. But with her best friend, Katie, by her side, she's also starting high school -- and ready for whatever comes next. High school's hard. Cancer's harder. But they're besties, and they've got this -- because together, they're never alone.

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The Ranch - Part 6

Being a pro athlete didn't pan out for Colt. Now he's helping his dad and brother keep the ranch afloat, and figuring out how he fits into the family. They drink. They swear. They sometimes fight dirty. On the Bennett family ranch, it's all about tough love.

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Shark Busters

Hit by a media storm over his own mounting debts, a police officer leads an investigation against the loan sharks behind a sinister credit scheme.

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Travelers - Season 3

A federal agent tracks four people who suddenly seem to possess entirely new personalities, leading to a startling discovery about humanity's future. They've arrived from a bleak and hopeless future to save us all from our greatest enemy: ourselves.

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Boca Juniors Confidential - Season 1

Players, fans and staff of soccer powerhouse Boca Juniors provide an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Argentina's legendary club. Boca Juniors is more than a soccer team – it's a way of life. And second place isn't an option for this passionate club.

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Ten Years

Five shorts reveal a fictional Hong Kong in 2025, depicting a dystopian city where residents and activists face crackdowns under iron-fisted rule.

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Survivors Guide to Prison

Former inmates, officers and celebrities critique the U.S. prison system in this documentary packaged as a how-to handbook for the incarcerated. Be polite, say nothing, get a lawyer. Tips for surviving a broken system, in which the innocent can land behind bars.

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Booba - Season 1

The world is a mystery to little Booba. But he approaches the curiosities around him with wonder, finding adventure in his everyday surroundings. He's a fun, furry little ball of curiosity. He might not say much, but there's a whole world he's excited to explore!

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Clannad After Story - Season 1

School may be over, but life is just beginning for Tomoya and Nagisa. As their friends move on with their lives, they start a family of their own. The anxieties of becoming a real adult. The joy and pain of family struggles. Life doesn't stop after high school.

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ReMastered: Massacre at the Stadium

The shocking murder of singer Victor Jara in 1973 turned him into a powerful symbol of Chile's struggle. Decades later, a quest for justice unfolds. Victor Jara created the soundtrack for change in 1970s Chile. But who will answer for his brutal killing?

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Club de Cuervos - Season 4

A brother and sister battle high expectations and each other after inheriting a soccer team. A series from the creators of “Nosotros los Nobles.” Rampaging egos, raging tempers and epic power struggles. And that's just what happens off the field.

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Time Share

Husband and father Pedro becomes increasingly suspicious that a series of mishaps at a resort during a family vacation are part of a sinister plan. He's immune to their promises of marital and familial bliss. But if he doesn't join this corporate family, he might lose his own.

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Splash and Bubbles - Season 1

Curious pals Splash, Bubbles, Dunk and Ripple have fun exploring new places, making new friends and learning all about their amazing ocean home. Dive in and join the Reeftown crew as they discover the fun, wonder and diversity of their colorful ocean world.

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