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New Netflix Releases for February 2, 2019

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The Fun, The Luck & The Tycoon

A rich man fed up with his life of luxury falls for a restaurant owner's sister, but their respective families have other arrangements in mind.

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| Hong Kong Movies | Comedies |

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Double Fattiness

After dying from a heart condition, a family matriarch and flatbread shop owner returns to the living world in the body of a younger woman. At the family eatery, she's fended off racketeers. Now a property developer's asking to buy the land. Over her dead body.

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| Hong Kong Movies | Comedies |

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It's A Mad Mad World 3

After they lose all their wealth in a bank robbery, a Hong Kong family has to get reacquainted with life in the public housing estate.

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| Goofy Comedies | Comedies | Hong Kong Movies |

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It's A Mad Mad World

While living in Hong Kong's public housing estate, a struggling TV reporter and his family's luck changes when his wife wins the lottery. They longed for the finer things. But when a stroke of luck makes their rich dreams come true, they realize money isn't everything.

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| Goofy Comedies | Comedies | Hong Kong Movies |

New Netflix Releases for February 1, 2019

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Velvet Buzzsaw

A feared critic, an icy gallery owner and an ambitious assistant snap up a recently deceased artist's stash of paintings -- with dire consequences. A dead painter's work is taking the art world by storm. But his priceless portraits hold menacing secrets.

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| Thrillers | Dramas |

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Diary of a Night Watchman - Season 1

A watchman by night and a prince by day, a man with an ability to see spirits becomes involved in a power struggle for control over the throne. Ghosts. Demon attacks. A possessed king. Human and spirit worlds clash over the destiny of an empire's throne.

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| Asian TV Shows | Korean TV Shows | International TV Shows | International TV Dramas | International TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy |

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The Rebel - Season 1

In the Joseon period, Hong Gil-dong emerges as a hero for the people being oppressed under Yeonsangun’s rule, becoming legendary through time. He rose up from humble roots. He helps the poor and wronged against the rich and powerful -- serving as a beacon for all.

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| TV Shows | TV Dramas | K-dramas | Asian TV Shows | Period Pieces | TV Action & Adventure |

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Family Guy - Season 16

In Seth MacFarlane's no-holds-barred animated show, buffoonish Peter Griffin and his dysfunctional family experience wacky misadventures. They're a typical dysfunctional family. With a sociopathic baby. And a dog that's smarter than all of them.

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| TV Shows | Sitcoms | TV Animated Comedies | TV Comedies | Adult Animation |


Russian Doll - Season 1

Nadia keeps dying and reliving her 36th birthday party. She's trapped in a surreal time loop -- and staring down the barrel of her own mortality. Eccentric guests. Strong drugs. A bathroom with a glowing vortex. Her birthday is about to get really weird ... over and over and over again.

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| US TV Shows | TV Shows | TV Dramas | TV Comedies |

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Dear Ex

A teen navigates a bitter feud between his willful mom and a free-spirited man, who's the lover and insurance beneficiary of his recently deceased dad. A boy lost a father. A mom lost a husband. A man lost a lover. In the theater of grief, each longs for a proper farewell.

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| Chinese Movies | LGBTQ Movies | Taiwanese Movies |

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Always a Witch - Season 1

A young 17th-century witch time travels to the future to save the man she loves, but first must adjust to present-day Cartagena and defeat a dark rival. In 1646, she was a slave. In the present, she's learning to harness her power. Dark magic has met its match in this time-traveling witch.

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| Colombian TV Shows | TV Dramas | TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy | TV Shows |

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Nightflyers - Season 1

With humankind's future at stake, a group of scientists and a powerful telepath venture into the void aboard a spaceship full of secrets. Their darkest fears don't lurk out there -- they're already on board, within the Nightflyer, within their own minds.

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| TV Shows | TV Shows based on Books | TV Horror | US TV Shows | Alien Sci-Fi | TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Cyberpunk |

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True: Happy Hearts Day

True and Bartleby try to cheer up the Rainbow Kingdom’s loneliest citizen, but his gloomy mood is contagious! Can a trio of wishes turn things around? It's Happy Hearts Day -- the perfect day for pink hearts and friendship. So why is the Rainbow Kingdom turning blue?

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| Kids Music | Kids' TV | TV Cartoons |

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Free Rein: Valentine's Day

Love is in the air as Zoe and friends go on a quest to find a fabled Maid's Stone. But when rivalry blinds them to danger, it's Raven to the rescue! A legendary heroine. A lost relic. A horseback hunt. On Gal-entine's Day, it's all about the girls -- and adventure!

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| Family Watch Together TV | Kids' TV | British TV Shows |

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Sparta - Season 1

While investigating the mysterious death of a teacher, a grizzled detective gets caught up in the world of a high-stakes virtual reality game. It was a game with no limits -- and no rules. But in the real world, it can have life-or-death consequences.

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| TV Dramas | Russian TV Shows | TV Thrillers | TV Shows | Cyberpunk |

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A Family Affair

To get their parents back together, two clever siblings team up with their grandpa in a series of mischievous antics.

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| Comedies | Dramas | Hong Kong Movies |

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