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New Netflix Releases for February 22, 2018


FullMetal Alchemist

While alchemist Edward Elric searches for a way to restore his brother Al's body, the military government and mysterious monsters are watching closely. After a transmutation gone wrong, both brothers lost parts of themselves. They want them back, but there's a price.

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Boonie Bears: The Big Top Secret

Frustrated with his pals, Briar joins a traveling circus, where new friends and fame keep the homesickness away... for a while. Although his buddies get on his nerves every once in a while, Briar learns that they never give up on him.

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Boonie Bears: Spring Into Action - Season 1

The forest animals love trees, flowers and spring. So it's up to the bear brothers to stop Logger Vick from chopping down every tree.

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This Is the End

Playing themselves in this witty black comedy, Seth Rogen and a bevy of Hollywood notables are stuck together at a party when the apocalypse dawns. Rude, narcissistic and just plain weird. It's the end of the world as they know it, and they feel Franco.

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After his car is blown up, maverick vice cop Thomas Dooley reluctantly teams up with police dog Jerry Lee to hunt down an elusive drug dealer. The coolest cop in California plays by his own rule book. But his new partner just ate that book.

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Get Him to the Greek

Ambitious young record company intern Aaron must escort an unruly rock star to Los Angeles for the start of his anniversary concert. A record-label lackey. A hedonistic rocker. They have a concert to get to, and a world of excess blocking their way.

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A Cure for Wellness

Dispatched to retrieve his company's CEO from a remote European wellness spa, a naive underling discovers the alpine retreat's terrifying secrets. He thinks this quick trip to Europe might be good for his career. That's not the only thing he's dead wrong about.

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It Comes at Night

As danger stalks the world outside his isolated home, an overprotective father faces a tough decision when another family shows up seeking help. For his family, he has one important rule: Never go out at night. Because at night, fear turns men into monsters.

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Megan Leavey

Injured by an explosive device in Iraq, a Marine corporal fights to be reunited with the bomb-sniffing German shepherd that saved her life in combat. She's always struggled to bond with people. But her bond with the dog who saved her life is unbreakable.

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Maggie's Plan

A single woman wanting a baby falls for a professor married to a volatile woman, setting all three on a complicated journey of romance and parenthood. Her dream man and a new baby. She had it all planned out. But time makes her reconsider the choices she made.

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Learning to Drive

When a Sikh immigrant teaches a New York book critic on the verge of divorce to drive, they form a rare friendship that opens their minds and hearts. What can an American divorcée and a soon-to-be-married Indian cabbie teach each other about life? Turns out: everything.

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Blue Lagoon: The Awakening

Sparks fly between two high school students with little in common when a mishap during a class trip leaves them stranded on a deserted island. Marooned in the middle of nowhere, two teens turn to each other for survival. And a touch of romance.

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The Girl with All the Gifts

As a virulent fungus turns humanity into zombies, a band of survivors flees with a curiously evolved zombie girl who may hold the key to a cure. For these survivors, the zombie onslaught could be the end of the world. But for one girl, it could be a new beginning.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings

Raised by Pharaoh's daughter in the lap of luxury, Hebrew-born Moses returns to his roots to lead his enslaved people out of Egypt. To save his people, he'll have to defy an empire. And launch the most epic journey the world has ever seen.

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An unemployed New York party girl who's returned to her hometown comes to believe she has a connection to a mega-monster running amok in Seoul. If you can't get a job and your boyfriend kicks you out, you can always take on a monster 7,000 miles away.

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The House Bunny

When Playboy bunny Shelley Darlingson gets evicted from the mansion, she's a woman without a country -- until she meets the girls of Zeta Alpha Zeta. This nerdy sorority needs a miracle to survive. Enter a woman who's an expert at being the life of the party.

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