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Is Hatchimals: Adventures in Hatchtopia on Netflix in the USA?

Hatchimals: Adventures in Hatchtopia

Sorry Hatchimals: Adventures in Hatchtopia (2018) is not available in the USA and it can't be unlocked.

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Hatchimals: Adventures in Hatchtopia


Follow Cheetree, Penguala, Draggle, and their new friends as they explore Hatchtopia solving mysteries, making new friends, and having a hatchtastic time.




Chiara Zanni, Andrea Libman, Kira Tozer, Sam Vincent, Rebecca Husain, Sabrina Pitre, Vincent Tong, Shannon Chan-Kent, Elishia Perosa, Nicole Oliver


EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: A Whole New World!2018-11-05not available
This episode of Adventures in Hatchtopia follows Cheetree, Penguala, Draggle, and Puppit as they find a mysterious scroll containing a Hatchtopian legend!
Episode 2not available
Synopsis not available
3: Rollin' in Friendship2018-11-05not available
In the latest episode of Adventures in Hatchtopia, our fab four becomes uneasy about SnailTail. But, they're are about to become a five-some.
4: Crystal of Truth2018-11-05not available
The gang arrives at Crystal Canyon and SnailTail stumbles into a Truth Nest. A new clue is revealed about the Golden Lynx.
5: Tree Trouble2018-11-05not available
Cheetree finds trouble and the gang tries to help her. SnailTail seizes an opportunity to benefit only himself.
6: Your #1 Fan2018-11-05not available
The gang looks for SnailTail. Meanwhile, a new clue is revealed from the scroll, but SnailTail needs help deciphering it.
7: Fabula Forest Party2018-11-05not available
Our heroes help Zebrush plan a party for the FoxFin twins. SnailTail tries to get the group to decipher the latest clue.
8: Golden Clue2018-11-05not available
The friends search Shimmering Sands for "The One Egg" and end up finding two. Cheetree misplaces something important.
Episode 9not available
Synopsis not available
10: By the Light of the Moonlight Mountain2018-11-05not available
The groups unite at Moonlight Mountain and Cheetree and Penguala are EGGstatic. A remarkable discovery is made.
11: Eggclipse!2018-11-05not available
Something strange happens and the gang looks for answers. At Cloud Cove, they see something in the distance.
12: Welcome to Illuma Island2018-11-26not available
The gang arrives at Illuma Island. After meeting new Hatchimals, the gang gets a private tour of the island.
13: Everybody Dance Now2018-11-26not available
Cheetree shows her shine on the dance floor and joins the fabulous girl group. Penguala, however, is left wondering what her special power might be.
14: Starry Sleep Over2018-11-26not available
Penguala shares stories about the mainland. Draggle and Puppit jam with the band at Boomin' Buffs.
15: Giggle Dance2018-11-26not available
With the Eggclipse still on, the gang reunites back on the mainland. Decorations are collected for the Illumination Ceremony.

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