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Is Dinotrux on Netflix in Israel?


Yes Dinotrux (2015) is available on Netflix in Israel. We first spotted it on July 20, 2022.

Sometimes Netflix doesn't have all seasons and episodes available though, so check the episode list below for complete availability listing.

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Half dinosaur, half construction truck, full-on fun! Watch giant Ty Rux, his little buddy Revvit and the crew come face-to-face with evil D-Structs.


Animation, Adventure, Action


Paul Dobson, Andrew Francis, Richard Ian Cox, Ashleigh Ball, Brian Drummond, Matt Hill, Doron Bell, Cree Summer, Fred Ewanuick, Trevor Devall

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EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Ty and Revvit2015-08-14available in Israel
Meet Ty Rux and his buddy Revvit as they join forces with the giant Dinotrux team that are half dinosaur, half construction truck anf full-on fun!
2: Scrapadactyls2015-08-14available in Israel
When Revvit and his Reptool friends wander out of their ravine, the Dinotrux must save them from a flock of wild Scrapadactyls.
3: Garage2015-08-14available in Israel
The Dinotrux build a garage to keep the Reptools safe, but D-Structs tries to ruin their plans by turning the friends against each other.
4: Scraptors2015-08-14available in Israel
Ty rux leads the Dinotrux on a nighttime raid to save Ton-Ton, who's been snatched by a pack of Scraptors and taken to their hive in Scraptor Valley.
5: Pit2015-08-14available in Israel
D-Structs traps the Dinotrux in a deep sinkhole -- but he forgets about tiny Revvit, who comes up with a plan to help his much-bigger friends.
6: Garby2015-08-14available in Israel
Just as Ty Rux welcomes a loud and smelly Stegarbasaurus to the crater, Revvit disappears and the gang sets out on a dangerous rescue mission.
7: Desert2015-08-14available in Israel
Under orders from D-Structs, Skrap-it steals one of Garby's parts, sending the Dinotrux on a trek through the desert to find help for their friend.
8: Schildtools2015-08-14available in Israel
The Dinotrux find a nest of Tortool eggs. The hatchlings think Dozer is their mother and start causing chaos, painting everything in sight.
9: Sandstorm2015-08-14available in Israel
The Dinotrux get caught in a powerful sandstorm that stops them in their tracks. Ty Rux and the Reptools must find a way to save them.
10: Fake Ravine2015-08-14available in Israel
When the Dinotrux settle together in the crater, D-Structs decides to go after their most important resource: the Reptools.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: New Tail2016-03-11available in Israel
D-Structs loses his wrecking ball tail and wants to prove he’s still dangerous, but when he gets stuck the crew must decide if they will save him.
2: Ottos2016-03-11available in Israel
D-Structs loses his wrecking ball tail and wants to prove he’s still dangerous, but when he gets stuck the crew must decide if they will save him.
3: Night2016-03-11available in Israel
The crew uses Lightning Bitbugs to light up the garage when Dozer needs a late-night repair, but need a new plan after Scrapadactyls attack.
4: Rollodons2016-03-11available in Israel
When tar fills the cracks of the crater, the Dinotrux must find a way to herd the free-roaming Rollodons to help smooth over the sticky situation.
5: Lair2016-03-11available in Israel
D-Structs kidnaps Revvit to show the crew who’s boss when they compete over construction, so Ty plans the perfect heist to rescue their friend.
6: Battering Ram2016-03-11available in Israel
When parts go missing from the garage, Ace and Skya solve the mystery when they discover D-Structs has a new claw tail which they put to the test.
7: Racetrack2016-03-11available in Israel
Ton-Ton’s friends, The 'Dumps, visit the Flatirons but are too wild and crazy for the crew, so the Dinotrux build a racetrack perfect for joyriding.
8: Gluphosaurs2016-03-11available in Israel
When D-Structs tricks the Gluphosaurs into attacking the Dinotrux, Revvit must befriend them and find a way to “unstick” the crew from one another.
9: Towaconstrictors2016-03-11available in Israel
Revvit maps a path to a magical forest where the Dinotrux can explore and have fun, but once they arrive the crew is startled by Towaconstrictors.
10: Desert Scraptors2016-03-11available in Israel
When the Desert Scraptors mistakenly think Click-Clack is their leader, D-Structs’ plan to have them attack Ty and the crew is derailed.
11: Water2016-03-11available in Israel
The Dinotrux crew builds an aqueduct to bring water back to the Flatirons during a drought, but D-Structs tries to sabotage their plan.
12: Wind2016-03-11available in Israel
A fierce windstorm traps the gang inside the garage and they have fun together all night, but once the food runs out they team up to find a way out.
13: Lightning2016-03-11available in Israel
When Skrap-It gets struck by lightning, he’s suddenly smart and comes up with a plan for D-Structs to remove the Dinotrux from the crater for good.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Slide2016-10-07available in Israel
Ton-Ton wants the Dinotrux to build a slide. Revvit and Ty say it's impossible, but with teamwork and creativity, they might just pull it off.
2: Drillasaurs2016-10-07available in Israel
When a greedy group of Drillasaurs shows up to dig for diamonds in the crater, the Dinotrux make a deal with them. Skya pushes herself too far.
3: Volcano2016-10-07available in Israel
When a volcano eruption threatens their crater, Ty and Revvit come up with a plan to save their home as D-Structs tries to ruin their build.
4: Sawmetradon2016-10-07available in Israel
The Dinotrux work to save a band of Reptools who are under attack by an evil Sawmetradon that's going to destroy all their homes.
5: Speed2016-10-07available in Israel
When Skrap-It loosens Ty's master cylinder, Ty can't stop moving and the Dinotrux have to figure out a way to slow him down.
6: Flynt2016-10-07available in Israel
A big fire in the crater threatens the Dinotrux, so Ty has to go get help from a grumpy water-filled Hydrodon named Flynt.
7: Wings2016-10-07available in Israel
The Ottos are in danger, but the only way to reach them is to fly. The Dinotrux build some wings for Ton-Ton to complete the mission.
8: Slamtools2016-10-07available in Israel
A band of Slamtools makes a deal with D-Structs to trap the Dinotrux and steal their ore, so Garby and Click-Clack have to come to the rescue.
9: Blayde2016-10-07available in Israel
Dozer and the other Dinotrux work together to outsmart a bully named Blayde, who used to be Dozer's friend before turning evil.
10: Battle2016-10-07available in Israel
D-Structs gets a special spark bug that makes him super strong, so the Dinotrux come up with a plan to deactivate it and find their own super charger.
11: Cementasaurs2016-10-07available in Israel
Thanks to a couple of Cementasaurs, Ty is stuck and sinking in wet cement! The other Dinotrux and the Reptools have to find a way to get him out.
12: Eggs2016-10-07available in Israel
An earthquake separates a herd of Ankylodumps from their eggs, so Ton-Ton scoops them up and works with the other Dinotrux to keep them safe.
13: Pounder2016-10-07available in Israel
A Poundersaurolophus is on the loose, pounding everything in sight. The Dinotrux have to find a way to stop it from flattening them too.
14: Shockarachnids2016-10-07available in Israel
Dozer and Skya become separated from the rest of the crew and get attacked by a group of Shockarachnids, high-voltage spiders with a vicious bite.
15: Scaretrux2016-10-07available in Israel
The Reptools get trapped by Scraptors and build a Scaretrux to keep them away, but Skrap-It wants to steal the fake T-Trux to impress D-Structs.
16: Magnet Mountain2016-10-07available in Israel
The Dinotrux have been trapped inside a magnetic mountain by D-Structs, Splitter, Blayde and Pounder! Revvit helps Ty break them free.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Pteracopters2017-03-31available in Israel
When a band of Pteracopters crash-lands in the crater, the Dinotrux help them rescue a friend who's been taken out by stealth Scrapadactyls.
2: Snowblazer2017-03-31available in Israel
While trying to get home from a snowy area north of their crater, the gang meets a lonely but helpful Trux named Snowblazer who helps them navigate.
3: Picktools2017-03-31available in Israel
When the crew gets stuck on a sheet of thin ice, they run into a group of Picktools, which appear to be trying to crack the ice around them.
4: Ton-Ton & Skrap-It2017-03-31available in Israel
After fighting gets them stuck in a dangerous situation, enemies Skrap-It and Ton-Ton must join forces to save themselves.
5: Garby's Gang2017-03-31available in Israel
Garby has to develop confidence as a leader when he's left in charge of the Flatirons while Ty and the others are stuck far away from home.
6: Gearwigs2017-03-31available in Israel
Click-Clack climbs out of his comfort zone to make sure his ideas are heard when the Dinotrux hatch a plan to stop D-Structs from stealing supplies.
7: Bridge2017-03-31available in Israel
A group of Trux displaced by a volcano comes to Ty for help, and the gang has to work together to build a bridge to welcome their new guests.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Imposter2017-08-18available in Israel
Ty has trouble keeping all of the new Trux organized and cooperative, and D-Structs comes up with a plan that throws the crater into even more chaos.
2: Aquadon2017-08-18available in Israel
To escape big trouble, the Dinotrux quickly put together a raft and hit the sea. But there might be danger lurking in the water, too.
3: The Return2017-08-18available in Israel
The Dinotrux return to the crater from their travels to find that D-Structs has taken over and built a huge wall to keep them out.
4: Junktool2017-08-18available in Israel
When the crew is forced to spend a night in the desert to avoid a sandstorm, they wake up the next day without their most important parts.
5: Dreadtrux Part 12017-08-18available in Israel
The Dinotrux investigate when all of the other trux in the crater start running away from a mysterious mountain that may be coming alive.
6: Dreadtrux Part 22017-08-18available in Israel
With the mighty Dreadtrux threatening to destroy the crater, Ty considers working with D-Structs to save both of their homes.

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