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Is The Lies Within on Netflix in Italy?

The Lies Within

Yes The Lies Within (2019) is available on Netflix in Italy. We first spotted it on January 21, 2022.

Sometimes Netflix doesn't have all seasons and episodes available though, so check the episode list below for complete availability listing.

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The Lies Within


Kim Seo-hui’s life is changed forever when her politician father dies in a car crash and her husband disappears – all in one day. She enters the world of politics and join hands with small-town detective Jo Tae-sik to uncover the truth when she finds out that the car crash might not have been an accident after all.


Drama, Mystery, Thriller


Si-eun Kim, Lee Min-ki, Yoo-Young Lee, Lee Joon-hyuk, Kim Yong Ji, Seo Hyun-woo, Song Young-Chang, Jaeun Koo, Jong-soo Kim, Kim Bi-bi

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EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Hand2019-10-12available in Italy
Jo Tae-sik inspects an apparent suicide. After learning that Kim Seung-cheol died in a car accident, Kim Seo-hui can’t get a hold of Jeong Sang-hun.
2: Target2019-10-13available in Italy
Tae-sik and his team look into Sang-hun's disappearance -- and learn he and Seung-cheol were working on something together.
3: Bait2019-10-19available in Italy
When a factory worker he'd been trying to find turns up dead, Tae-sik investigates. Seo-hui forces herself through a tough campaign trail.
4: Restart2019-10-20available in Italy
Another grisly package surfaces. Tae-sik and his team suspect In Dong-gu is involved. Seo-hui tries to understand a bill that her party wants passed.
5: The Other Side2019-10-26available in Italy
Suspecting something is amiss at the mental hospital, the cops send Jeon Ho-gyu undercover. Seo-hui eavesdrops on Hong Min-guk and Dong-gu.
6: Disappear2019-10-27available in Italy
Tae-sik untangles the mystery of the mental hospital -- but Sang-hun remains missing. Seo-hui confronts Jeong Yeong-mun about what he knew.
7: Jealousy2019-11-02available in Italy
The search for answers continues as the police turn their attention to Jin Yeong-min, who turns out to have a long history with Sang-hun.
8: Eye2019-11-03available in Italy
Seo-hui comes clean to Tae-sik about the mysterious messages she's been hiding, and probes into a funeral Sang-hun attended before he vanished.
9: KEY2019-11-09available in Italy
While Tae-sik's reinvestigation into Choe Su-hyeon's death ruffles feathers left and right, Seo-hui asks around about her connection to Sang-hun.
10: Bottomless Pit2019-11-10available in Italy
Ignoring his suspension, Tae-sik chases leads from the list in the USB drive with Seo-hui. Kang Jin-gyeong brings Ho-gyu the dead laptop.
11: Framed2019-11-16available in Italy
Tae-sik recovers the list while on the run from authorities. Meanwhile, Jin-gyeong gets to the bottom of who framed him.
12: Disclosure2019-11-17available in Italy
Tae-sik and Jin-gyeong channel their grief into helping Seo-hui, who discovers a startling truth about what connects the people on the list.
13: Real Intention2019-11-23available in Italy
Getting their hands on damning evidence allows Tae-sik and Jin-gyeong to set a trap. Seo-hui receives another message.
14: Survivor2019-11-24available in Italy
Trying to turn votes against the bill, Seo-hui holds a press conference. Tae-sik tails Yeong-min, who has his own plans for the future of JQ Group.
15: Original Sin2019-11-30available in Italy
If Seo-hui wants to save Sang-hun, she must find one last crucial piece of evidence among her father's things. Yeong-min delivers an ultimatum.
16: Those Who Were Silent, Those Who Were Not2019-12-01available in Italy
Yeong-min and Dong-gu have a final face-to-face. A heartbreaking letter from Sang-hun is difficult to swallow for Seo-hui, but doubly so for Yeong-mun.

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