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Is The House of Flowers on Netflix in New Zealand?

The House of Flowers

Yes The House of Flowers (2018) is available on Netflix in New Zealand. We first spotted it on January 20, 2022.

Sometimes Netflix doesn't have all seasons and episodes available though, so check the episode list below for complete availability listing.

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The House of Flowers


The outward perfection of a family-run flower business hides a dark side rife with dysfunctional secrets in this darkly humorous comedy series.


Comedy, Drama


Luis de La Rosa, Cecilia Suárez, Claudette Maillé, Dario Yazbek Bernal, Juan Pablo Medina, Aislinn Derbez, Alexa de Landa, Norma Angélica, Arturo Ríos

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EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: NARCISSUS (symb. lies)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
The de la Mora family celebrates patriarch Ernesto's birthday with a giant party, but his mistress has darker plans for his big day.
2: CHRYSANTHEMUM (symb. pain)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
Virginia reads Roberta's letter. Paulina struggles to hide the funeral from her mother and siblings. Ernesto breaks the news to young daughter Micaela.
3: LILY (symb. freedom)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
Roberta's actions inspire Julián to share his own news, but mother Virginia is not prepared to listen to what he has to say -- nor is girlfriend Lucía.
4: PETUNIA (symb. resentment)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
Delia reveals a new family secret to Elena. Chance encounters give Virginia and her son creative ideas on how to solve the family's financial troubles.
5: DAHLIA (symb. gratitude)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
Elena seeks Claudio's help with a tricky floral order for a VIP client's bar mitzvah, but Paulina sabotages their efforts. The DNA results arrive.
6: MAGNOLIA (symb. dignity)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
Paulina sees her ex for the first time in years. Tensions arise between the strippers and the drag queens. Elena makes a startling discovery.
7: PEONY (symb. shame)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
To get what she ultimately wants, Lucía holds something over Julián's head. Paulina visits Dr. Cohen to ask an important question.
8: BROMELIA (symb. resilience)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
Ernesto gives Virginia a stirring pep talk about motherhood and revenge. Julián grapples with the consequences of his newfound fame.
9: TULIP (symb. hope)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
A rival florist family makes the de la Moras a generous offer. Elena finds a way to keep Carmela quiet. Paulina confronts her mother about Dr. Cohen.
10: TUSSILAGO (symb. worries)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
Virginia's side business gets her in trouble with a competitor, and when Bruno and Micaela go missing shortly afterward, their family fears the worst.
11: ORCHID (symb. lust)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
Dominique surprises Elena in more ways than one. María José tells Bruno about her Madrid plans. Diego finds an item that makes him mistrust Julián.
12: SISYMBRIUM (symb. adversity)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
After her plan to get Ernesto out of prison hits a snag, Paulina sees Dr. Cohen about her need to fix everyone's problems. A betrayal stuns the family.
13: POPPY (symb. resurrection)2018-08-10available in New Zealand
The family finally celebrates the flower shop's 50th anniversary. At the event, Virginia publicly announces who will inherit the business.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: ROSE, (Symb unity)2019-10-18available in New Zealand
Missing her mother and seeking vengeance against Diego, Paulina returns to Mexico. Julián reunites with an old flame, who reveals a secret.
2: IRIS, (Symb. faith)2019-10-18available in New Zealand
Paulina is determined to buy back the family's former flower shop and cabaret, but obstacles arise. Diego makes a peace offering. Elena comes clean.
3: LOTUS, (Symb. mystery)2019-10-18available in New Zealand
Elena wants to keep her new job a secret. Paulina asks the former drag performers to return to the cabaret. Ernesto meets the Flock's founder, Jenny.
4: ALMOND, (Symb. awaken)2019-10-18available in New Zealand
After returning from Spain, María José takes issue with Paulina, while Bruno accompanies Micaela to her talent show audition. Julián makes a decision.
5: ACACIA, (Symb. secret love)2019-10-18available in New Zealand
Elena, Paulina and Julián attempt to track down the mystery man in Virginia's photos. Ernesto convinces Cacas to join the Flock.
6: CLOVES, (Symb, capricious)2019-10-18available in New Zealand
Jenny and the Flock start taking over the de la Mora mansion. Paulina confides in Alejo and plots revenge against Diego. Elena realizes she's in love.
7: GERANIUM, (Symb. counsel)2019-10-18available in New Zealand
Diego confronts Lucía about a secret she's been keeping from Julián. Ernesto's jealousy takes hold. On a night out with Alejo, Paulina feels tempted.
8: HELICONIA, (Symb. fertility)2019-10-18available in New Zealand
Diego asks Elena for a very personal favor for him and Julián. Paulina gets closer to Alejo. Eliminations continue on "Mexico's Most Talented."
9: PANSY, (Symb. reflexion)2019-10-18available in New Zealand
Virginia's will is finally read, and when the truth comes out, Paulina makes a drastic decision in an attempt to repent for her actions.
Episode 10not available
Synopsis not available

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: PETUNIA (Symb. cunning)2020-04-23available in New Zealand
In the present, Paulina is surprised by her new cellmate. Shocking news is revealed about Elena. In 1979, rebellious Virginia celebrates her birthday.
2: SUNFLOWER (Symb. power)2020-04-23available in New Zealand
Purificación complicates life for Paulina. Diego and Julián reach out to Elena's exes. Back in 1979, Virginia tries new experiences.
3: GERBERA (Symb. first love)2020-04-23available in New Zealand
Victoria sends Virginia to a strict all-girls school. Diego attempts to reconcile with his homophobic parents, who offer him a suggestion.
4: MALLOW (Symb. ambition)2020-04-23available in New Zealand
María José suspects Purificación is hiding something. Paulina forges new alliances in prison. Ernesto lets the performers manage the cabaret.
5: AZALEA (Symb. temperance)2020-04-23available in New Zealand
In 1979, Virginia receives life-changing news as her father continues to get sicker. Paulina is freed from jail with María José's help.
6: BETONY (Symb. surprise)2020-04-23available in New Zealand
Victoria's meddling creates a conflict between the de la Mora siblings. A worried María José attempts to convince Purificación to seek mental help.
7: CLOVER (Symb. revenge)2020-04-23available in New Zealand
Julián finds out more about what happened between Elena and Diego. In 1979, Virginia plans to break the news to Salo and decide on their future.
8: COHOSH (Symb. scandal)2020-04-23available in New Zealand
Virginia is convinced her father has abandoned them, while Pato begins to suspect the truth. In the present, Pablo helps Elena escape.
9: HYACINTH (Symb. jealousy)2020-04-23available in New Zealand
Paulina looks into her family's past and starts asking questions about Pato. Julián and Elena team up to try and free Diego. Delia seeks revenge.
10: ELFDOCK (Symb. tears)2020-04-23available in New Zealand
Virginia comes up with a plan for her and Ernesto. Now, La Chiva reveals the truth to Paulina. Conflict increases between Delia and Victoria.
11: LAUREL (Symb. glory)2020-04-23available in New Zealand
The members of the de la Mora family each celebrate their new beginning while, in the shadows, Purificación plots her revenge.

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