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Is The Ranch on Netflix in South Africa?

The Ranch

Yes The Ranch (2016) is available on Netflix in South Africa. We first spotted it on January 20, 2022.

Sometimes Netflix doesn't have all seasons and episodes available though, so check the episode list below for complete availability listing.

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The Ranch


Being a pro athlete didn't pan out for Colt. Now he's helping his dad and brother keep the ranch afloat, and figuring out how he fits into the family.


Comedy, Drama, Western


Kathy Baker, Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliott, Grady Lee Richmond, Elisha Cuthbert, Debra Winger, Danny Masterson, Megyn Price

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EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Back Where I Come From2016-04-01available in South Africa
When Colt Bennett returns home from Canada to try out for a semipro Denver team, he learns that his family's ranch has fallen on hard times.
2: Some People Change2016-04-01available in South Africa
Colt runs into an ex at Maggie's bar and reminisces with Rooster over a bottle of whiskey. Getting back in Beau's good graces is a losing battle.
3: The Boys of Fall2016-04-01available in South Africa
When his inflated ego lands him in hot water, Colt realizes he's not the big man on campus anymore. Beau's doctor makes him trade in steak for salad.
4: Got a Little Crazy2016-04-01available in South Africa
Colt smooths things over with Abby. When Maggie drags Beau to the Marriott for a romantic evening, the guys have some fun back at the house.
5: American Kids2016-04-01available in South Africa
Rooster and Colt's long-simmering rivalry comes to a head on the first day of hunting season. But their bickering has an upside for Beau and Maggie.
6: Better as a Memory2016-04-01available in South Africa
Abby gets a taste of her own medicine after a hazy night of drinking. Beau warms to the idea of mending fences with Maggie.
7: I Can't Go There2016-04-01available in South Africa
Colt figures out what he wants from Heather. A sick calf gives Beau an excuse to avoid dealing with his feelings -- and creates some unexpected bonds.
8: Til It's Gone2016-04-01available in South Africa
The ranch's dwindling finances drive a wedge between Beau and the boys, and Colt goes behind his father's back to ask Maggie for help.
9: There Goes My Life2016-04-01available in South Africa
Heather sets up Rooster with her sister, but Colt's afraid he'll ruin a good thing. Maggie and Beau air their dirty laundry at marriage counseling.
10: Down the Road2016-04-01available in South Africa
Colt and Rooster worry when Beau has a change of heart about the calves. But that's just the beginning of the surprises that await the Bennett clan.
11: Gone as a Girl Can Get2016-10-07not available
An angry Beau clears Maggie's things out of the house. Colt tries to sort out his feelings for Abby and Heather.
12: Living and Living Well2016-10-07not available
Colt struggles to keep his relationship with Abby under wraps. The boys make a big purchase and try to sell Beau on a business opportunity.
13: Sittin' on the Fence2016-10-07not available
Beau's depressed over Maggie, so Mary tries to fix him up with a friend. Colt wonders when Abby's going to follow through on her promise.
14: Let's Fall to Pieces Together2016-10-07not available
While Rooster tries to broker peace between Beau and Maggie, Colt apologizes to Heather -- but his timing couldn't be worse.
15: I Know She Still Loves Me2016-10-07not available
Beau and Maggie come to a decision about their relationship, but they don't see eye to eye about the ranch. The boys take Kenny out drinking.
16: Easy Come, Easy Go2016-10-07not available
Rooster and Colt try to prove themselves to Beau, but he doesn't have much faith in them. Colt gets jealous when he sees Abby and Kenny together.
17: I've Come to Expect It from You2016-10-07not available
Colt plans a special date with Abby. Rooster vents his frustrations to Maggie, while Joanne gives Beau some sage advice.
18: The Cowboy Rides Away2016-10-07not available
Beau tries to make amends with the boys, but it may be too little, too late. A job offer drives a wedge between Rooster and Colt.
19: Leavin's Been Comin' (For a Long, Long Time)2016-10-07not available
Maggie stands up for Rooster when Beau kicks him out of the house. Meanwhile, Colt is torn between his brother and his father.
20: Merry Christmas (Wherever You Are)2016-10-07not available
Colt realizes what he wants for his future, Beau and Maggie find some closure, and the gang celebrates Christmas at the bar.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: My Next Thirty Years2017-06-14available in South Africa
After Heather drops a bombshell, a visit from Abby's parents is the last thing Colt needs -- and they all end up at church together on Christmas Eve.
2: Things Change2017-06-16available in South Africa
Heather makes a decision about the pregnancy. Mary reads Rooster the riot act for keeping it a secret, and Colt struggles with how to tell Abby.
3: Take Me Away from Here2017-06-16available in South Africa
After a heart-to-heart with Maggie, Colt steps up and supports Heather. Meanwhile, the tension between Rooster and Beau takes a toll on Maggie.
4: She'll Have You Back2017-06-16available in South Africa
Abby agrees to give Colt a chance, but her father isn't as forgiving. Beau and Rooster go to a cattle auction. Maggie thinks about selling the bar.
5: My Best Friend2017-06-16available in South Africa
The guys wind up in hot water after an ice fishing trip. Beau takes Brenda out to dinner, but Maggie's not far from his mind.
6: Find Out Who Your Friends Are2017-06-16available in South Africa
Emotions run high when Abby and Heather fight, leaving Colt caught in the middle. Rooster faces the consequences of blowing off work.
7: One of Those Nights2017-06-16available in South Africa
During a snowstorm, Colt and Abby head out of town, Beau and Joanne get cozy at the ranch, and Maggie meets a charming stranger.
8: I Didn't Ask and She Didn't Say2017-06-16available in South Africa
Colt gets possessive when Heather starts dating a teacher. Abby gives Beau relationship advice. Maggie has a business proposition for Rooster
9: Last Dollar (Fly Away)2017-06-16available in South Africa
As Heather's medical bills roll in, Colt realizes how expensive it is having a baby. A surprise visitor at the bar sweeps Maggie off her feet.
10: Can't Be Really Gone2017-06-16available in South Africa
Colt's new responsibilities keep him away from Abby. After a memorable night, Maggie ponders what she wants for her future.
11: Learning to Live Again2017-12-15not available
Colt wants to buy Sam Peterson's ranch -- with or without his family's blessing. Colt and Heather have a heart-to-heart about their loss.
12: Wrapped Up in You2017-12-15not available
Wondering if he's ready to marry Abby, Colt seeks romantic advice from an unlikely source: Beau. Rooster hires a flaky new waitress.
13: Rodeo and Juliet2017-12-15not available
Beau ponders a lucrative business offer. Rooster runs afoul of the liquor board. Colt tries to make peace with Abby's dad.
14: Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)2017-12-15not available
Colt and Abby start planning their wedding, but they don't see eye to eye. Joanne confesses she still has feelings for Beau.
15: More Than a Memory2017-12-15not available
Abby moves in with Colt and Beau when she learns she’s losing her job. Rooster and Jen the engineer bond over getting dumped.
16: When You Come Back to Me Again2017-12-15not available
Back in town, Maggie frets about how Rooster's been running the bar. Abby considers a career change.
17: Do What You Gotta Do2017-12-15not available
A job opportunity in Denver threatens to drive a wedge between Colt and Abby. Maggie pushes back about the pipeline.
18: Big Money2017-12-15not available
Maggie takes a stand that lands her in hot water. Colt and Rooster come up with a plan to buy the Peterson ranch, but they need Beau's buy-in.
19: Ain't Goin' Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)2017-12-15not available
Beau shrugs off the doctor's orders and resists the family's efforts to help him. Meanwhile, Colt lashes out at Maggie.
20: If Tomorrow Never Comes2017-12-15not available
Beau leaves the boys hanging about the Peterson ranch. Rooster takes Jen on a date. Colt and Abby fight about their future.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Starting Over Again2018-06-15available in South Africa
In the wake of his heart attack, Beau vows to stop sweating the small stuff -- but Colt and Rooster's latest blunder makes him lose his cool.
2: It's All Wrong, But It's All Right2018-06-15available in South Africa
Maggie fights to keep the ranch afloat as she reaches a breaking point with the boys. Easter dinner with Abby's parents takes a surprising turn.
3: A Gamble Either Way2018-06-15available in South Africa
Torn between the ranch and a job opportunity, Colt wonders what's best for his family's future. Mary offers to work at Maggie's bar.
4: Baby I'm Burning2018-06-15available in South Africa
Four months later, wildfires rage in Colorado. Abby wants to postpone the wedding, but her parents don't approve. Joanne stands up to a stubborn Beau.
5: Travelin' Prayer2018-06-15available in South Africa
Fires force the town to evacuate. While Maggie takes charge, Beau feels hopeless. Colt runs into Heather, and Rooster meets Mary's boyfriend, Nick.
6: Tie Our Love (In a Double Knot)2018-06-15available in South Africa
Colt and Mr. Phillips search for Abby. Heather warns Rooster about Nick. An unexpected celebration brings everyone together.
7: Telling Me Lies2018-06-15available in South Africa
The Bennetts return to the ranch. Beau gets a business proposition from Neumann's Hill. A face from Maggie's past arrives with news.
8: Fresh Out of Forgiveness2018-06-15available in South Africa
When Colt lands in trouble covering for Rooster, he tries to cash in a favor. Beau invites Joanne to stay at the ranch. Colt plans a surprise for Abby.
9: It Ain't Fair that It Ain't Right2018-06-15available in South Africa
Beau's at the end of his rope and decides to teach Colt and Rooster a lesson. Mary realizes she needs to choose between Rooster and Nick.
10: Change2018-06-15available in South Africa
Nick confronts Rooster. Running out of options, Colt reaches out to Lisa Neumann. Joanne urges Beau to make peace with Colt.
11: When It All Goes South2018-12-07not available
While Abby's in Denver teaching, Colt works to rebuild the Peterson ranch. Rooster misses his first day of work.
12: Reckless2018-12-07not available
After a fight with Nick lands Colt in hot water, Mary presses her ex for the truth. Beau delivers troubling news.
13: If I Could Just See You Now2018-12-07not available
Beau intervenes to keep Colt out of trouble. Abby and Colt follow a lead. Maggie returns to Garrison, and Mary wrestles with guilt.
14: Changes Comin' on2018-12-07not available
One month later, tensions run high as Colt and Abby scramble to get ready for the baby. Lisa Neumann makes Beau an offer.
15: Born Country2018-12-07not available
Colt tries to keep his cool as he worries about Abby -- and wonders if he's ready to be a dad. Maggie catches Mary in a lie.
16: Pass It on Down2018-12-07not available
While Abby and Colt struggle with parenting an infant, another new arrival shakes things up at the ranch. Maggie confronts Mary.
17: Give Me One More Shot2018-12-07not available
Beau's softer side emerges when he takes Luke under his wing, but Colt doesn't trust his cousin. Maggie comforts an exhausted Abby.
18: Keep on Dreamin'2018-12-07not available
Money troubles put a strain on Colt and Abby's relationship. Beau tries to get Luke help for his PTSD but refuses to bail Colt out of a jam.
19: Down This Road2018-12-07not available
Colt hides the truth from Abby as their financial woes go from bad to worse. A drunken night leads to an awkward morning after for Mary.
20: We Can't Love Like This Anymore2018-12-07not available
Beau issues Luke an ultimatum. As Colt tries to prove himself to Abby, Luke makes him an offer -- but Mary drives a wedge between them.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Dying to See Her2019-09-13available in South Africa
Abby asks Colt for space, but he finds every excuse in the book to drop by. Luke and Mary tie the knot in Vegas. Lisa Neumann accuses Colt of theft.
2: I Wish You'd Stay2019-09-13available in South Africa
Back in Colorado, Luke works to win back Colt and Beau's trust. Abby invites Colt to a teachers' mixer. Mary struggles to stay clean.
3: Waitin' on a Woman2019-09-13available in South Africa
Beau gives Colt a taste of his own medicine. Mary asks Luke for help paying the mortgage. Colt confronts Abby about not getting to see Peyton.
4: Remind Me2019-09-13available in South Africa
Joanne shares difficult news with Beau. Abby helps Colt with a business idea. When Mary goes missing, Heather takes drastic measures.
5: Love and War2019-09-13available in South Africa
Out on bail, Mary breaks into her old house to grab her stash. After a talk with Dale, Joanne has a change of heart. Colt and Beau confront Lisa.
6: The Devil Is Alive and Well2019-09-13available in South Africa
At Colt and Luke's encouragement, Beau and Joanne plan a celebration. Abby asks Colt to go to counseling. Mary's downward spiral continues.
7: Last Time for Everything2019-09-13available in South Africa
Colt asks Abby to lie to the police. Joanne and Beau have a heart-wrenching talk about the future. Mary tells Luke she wants to go to rehab.
8: Without a Fight2019-09-13available in South Africa
Abby and Beau pressure Colt to take Lisa's deal, but support from the local ranchers leads him to waver. Stress causes Luke to lash out.
9: Welcome to the Future2019-09-13available in South Africa
Colt tries to round up the other ranchers to give Neumann's Hill some competition. After another argument with Abby, Colt signs the divorce papers.
10: Perfect Storm2019-09-13available in South Africa
Colt, Beau and Luke bond during a road trip to New Mexico. Back home, Abby runs into Mary and Nick.
11: It Ain't My Fault2020-01-24not available
Luke, Colt and Beau find Mary in bad shape in Nick's trailer. While Luke brings Mary back to the ranch, Colt and Beau wait for Nick.
12: Like It's the Last Time2020-01-24not available
To celebrate their last Thanksgiving on the ranch, Colt and the guys go on a turkey hunt. Mary checks into rehab.
13: Out of Sight2020-01-24not available
Abby invites Colt out for a birthday dinner ... which might be a date. But the plan goes off the rails after Colt has an argument with Luke.
14: Fadeaway2020-01-24not available
As Colt battles the elements, he leaves Abby a poignant message. Armed with a new perspective, Beau surprises Joanne.
15: Born to Love You2020-01-24not available
Colt finally wins back Abby's trust -- but he's afraid to tell her he knows who killed Nick. Beau and Joanne look for a house together.
16: Not Everything's About You2020-01-24not available
Maggie returns from Florida with news. When Dale uncovers a problem with the herd, Colt weighs whether to tell Lisa Neumann.
17: What Was I Thinking2020-01-24not available
Luke urges Mary to go back to rehab. The police find a gun near the trailer and make an arrest, leaving Colt struggling with his conscience.
18: Helluva Life2020-01-24not available
Luke's friend from the service offers him a job. Meanwhile, trouble brews with the co-op. Maggie tells Beau that she's met someone new.
19: Dumb Effin' Luck2020-01-24not available
Jerry warns Colt that Lisa Neumann has a good case against him. And when Luke bails on work, Colt has to miss Peyton's baptism.
20: Take Me Home, Country Roads2020-01-24not available
In the series finale, Luke opens up about his struggles, Maggie throws one last Christmas party at the bar, and Colt gives Beau a heartwarming gift.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
Episode 1available in South Africa
Synopsis not available

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