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Is Yu Yu Hakusho on Netflix in Spain?

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yes you can watch Yu Yu Hakusho (1992) in Spain, but not without unlocking it.

Did you know that Netflix has movies and shows in their catalogue that they hide from us here in Spain?

Thousands of them! Yu Yu Hakusho is one of them.

And did you know there are now ways to unlock those titles so you can watch them?

Read on to learn how. We've got steps, instructions, and the links you need.

How to Unlock Yu Yu Hakusho in Spain

Yu Yu Hakusho


One day, 14-year-old Yusuke Urameshi suddenly finds himself dead, having died pushing a child out of the way of oncoming traffic. Since he has such a bad personality, even the Spirit World was caught by surprise that he would sacrifice himself. Yusuke soon finds out he wasn't supposed to die and has a chance for resurrection and bringing his body back to life. After being resurrected, Yusuke becomes a Spirit Detective, along with his comrades, and one adventure after another happens, whether it be an investigation or a fighting tournament.


Animation, Adventure, Action


Candice Moore, Nozomu Sasaki, Justin Cook, Christopher Sabat, Cynthia Cranz, Kent Williams, Shigeru Chiba, Darren Pleavin, Tomomichi Nishimura

Where to watch Yu Yu Hakusho in Spain

Netflix has Yu Yu Hakusho available in other countries around the world, but hides it from subscribers in Spain.

Unlocking it is simple, although it does require a subscription to a 3rd-party service.

Unlock Yu Yu Hakusho in Spain

Yu Yu Hakusho can be streamed on Netflix in these countries

Albania, Algeria, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cabo Verde, Czechia, Côte d'Ivoire, Denmark, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Mauritius, Moldova, Monaco, Morocco, Mozambique, Netherlands, Niger, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, State of, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen


EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
Episode 1unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 2unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 3unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 4unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 5unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 6unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 7unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 8unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 9unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 10unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 11unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 12unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 13unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 14unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 15unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 16unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 17unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 18unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 19unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 20unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 21unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 22unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 23unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 24unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 25unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 26unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 27not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 28not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 29not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 30not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 31not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 32not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 33not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 34not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 35not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 36not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 37not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 38not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 39not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 40not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 41not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 42not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 43not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 44not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 45not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 46not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 47not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 48not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 49not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 50not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 51not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 52not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 53not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 54not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 55not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 56not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 57not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 58not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 59not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 60not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 61not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 62not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 63not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 64not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 65not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 66not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 67not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 68not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 69not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 70not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 71not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 72not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 73not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 74not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 75not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 76not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 77not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 78not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 79not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 80not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 81not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 82not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 83not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 84not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 85not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 86not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 87not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 88not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 89not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 90not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 91not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 92not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 93not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 94not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 95not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 96not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 97not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 98not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 99not available
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Episode 100not available
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Episode 101not available
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Episode 102not available
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Episode 103not available
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Episode 104not available
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Episode 105not available
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Episode 106not available
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Episode 107not available
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Episode 108not available
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Episode 109not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 110not available
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Episode 111not available
Synopsis not available
Episode 112not available
Synopsis not available

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Invitees to the Dark Tournament1993-04-17unlockable
Toguro wants Yusuke to enter a competition called the ""Dark Tournament"". Compiled of a group of greedy mafia warlords, Toguro convinces Yusuke, as Yusuke gathers Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara for his team, the gang sets out to compete in the tournament.
2: Departure of Death! To the Island of Hell1993-04-24not available
As Team Urameshi boards the ship to the Dark Tournament, the preliminary round begins.
3: The Little Mighty Foe! Rinku's Secret Technique1993-05-01not available
Botan, Keiko, and Shizuru, Kuwabara's sister, arrive at the tournament site to watch Team Urameshi duke it out with their first opponents, Team Rikkuyukai.
4: Kurama Makes Blood Flowers Blossom1993-05-08not available
Kuwabara continues his battle with Rinku.
5: The Unfinished Secret Technique: Dragon of the Darkness Flame1993-05-15not available
The Rikkuyukai team leader, Zero, stands up to fight. Hiei steps up, saying he'll take him on.
6: The Drunken Warrior! Chu's Sui-ken1993-05-22not available
Yusuke begins fighting the drunken Chuu, the final fighter from the Rikkuyukai Team.
7: Knife Edge Death-Match1993-05-29not available
Yusuke continues his fight with Chuu.  Meanwhile, Keiko and Shizuru get lost in a catacomb of hallways inside the arena.
8: Clash! The Best Eight Are Decided1993-05-29not available
Having won their first round, the Urameshi Team has a day to rest while they wait for their next opponents.
9: A Desperate Battle, With a 0.05% Chance of Winning!1993-06-12not available
The battle begins between the Dr. Ichigaki Team and the Urameshi Team. Since the other two members of the Urameshi Team, Kurama and Hiei, haven't shown up yet, the doctor suggests a 3-on-3 battle.
10: The Identity of Mask! A Beautiful Warrior1993-06-19not available
The Urameshi Team continue their fight against the Dr. Ichigaki Team.
11: Ambition Crushed! A Baptism by Light1993-06-26not available
The Urameshi Team confronts Ichigaki himself.
12: Stealthy Figures of Darkness, The Mashotsukai Team1993-07-03not available
Only minutes after Yusuke's victory in round two, the faceless tournament commitee makes a jarring anouncement. Team Urameshi's next match will begin immediately against Team Masho, five demons veiled in black cloaks.
13: A Desperate Kurama! Bodypaint of Death1993-07-10not available
Kurama's battle continues.
14: Annihilation! Yusuke's Iron Fist of Fury1993-07-17not available
Kurama's battle concludes.
15: Jin, the Wind Tamer! A Stormy Air Battle1993-07-24not available
Yusuke battles Jin, the Wind Master.
16: Reikodan! An Unexpected Conclusion!1993-07-31not available
Yusuke's battle with Jin concludes.
17: A Desperate Kuwabara! The Charge of Love1993-08-07not available
Kuwabara battles Risho.
18: The Masked Warrior's Stern Face!1993-08-14not available
Yusuke is confronted by Botan about the hatching of his Spirit Beast.  The Masked Warrior's identity is revealed.
19: The Greatest Trial from Genkai1993-08-21not available
Genkai tells Yusuke his final test is to kill her.
20: Hiei Battles Consecutively! Shoot Your Kokuryu-ha!1993-08-28not available
Yusuke is still in the midst of Genkai's Spirit Wave Orb absorption test. Meanwhile, Hiei battles Kuro Momotaro in the arena.
21: Tremble! Kuromomotaro's Transformation1993-09-04not available
Hiei continues his struggle against Kuro Momataro and Kurama's battle against Ura Urashima begins.
22: The Legendary Thief! Yoko Kurama!1993-09-11not available
With both Ura Urashima and the newly transformed Yoko Kurama trapped in the ring, the true battle begins.
23: Item of Darkness: The Mantle of Death1993-09-18not available
Kuwabara starts his battle against Shishiwakamaru.
24: Remaining Power! Genkai's Life or Death Battle1993-09-25not available
The match between Shishiwakamaru and Genkai begins.
25: Demon Battler Suzuki's Challenge!1993-10-02not available
In the last match against Team Uraotogi, Genkai overwhelmed Suzuka, an old demon with many tricks and specialties, but little strength. Meanwhile, Yusuke recovers from the torturous absorption of Genkai's Spirit Wave Orb, which promises to give him unfathomable power. Yusuke's team has claimed their spot in the Dark Tournament's final round. Now Team Toguro must try to do the same.
26: Confrontation of Destiny! The Shadow of Toguro1993-10-09not available
The members of Team Toguro demonstrate their power in the semifinals.
27: Genkai Falls! Settled After 50 Years1993-10-16unlockable
Fifty years ago, Genkai and Toguro were actually teammates who fought and won their own Dark Tournament, before becoming violently estranged. Yusuke Urameshi arrived just in time to see his teacher slain, and assaulted Toguro in a rage, only to be knocked away by one devastating blow. With the final round of the tournament soon to begin against Toguro, Yusuke must find a way to keep that from happening again.
28: Before the Storm! Overcoming Sorrow1993-10-23unlockable
Shortly before the final round of the Dark Tournament, Yusuke's mentor Genkai was killed, leaving him with all of the Spirit Power she possessed. Since then Yusuke and his crew have been rigorously training for the upcoming battle. Suzuka, a member of the recently beaten Team Uraotogi, has helped by offering two very powerful, yet unstable weapons, hoping that Team Toguro will finally taste defeat.
29: The Turbulent Final Round Begins!1993-10-30unlockable
The tournament finals are set to begin. But the rules state that each team must have five members to compete. With each team having only four fighters, two competitors step up to join with each team no matter what the consequences. Who are the two new fighters and what could they possibly bring to the team?
30: Explosion! The Yoko Awakened1993-11-06unlockable
The Dark Tournament finals have just begun and Kurama finds himself facing the strangely magnetic yet dangerous Karasu. Kurama, believing that it's his only chance to defeat his eerie opponent, transforms himself into the powerful and equally ruthless Yoko Kurama. Things seem to be looking up, but will Kurama's metamorphosis be enough to conquer Karasu?
31: The Desperate Kurama! A Final Measure1993-11-13unlockable
With Karasu able to counter Yoko Kurama's attacks, the vicious member of Team Toguro is set to take the victory. Taking his own life into his hands, Kurama prepares to sacrifice his life energy in a final chance to defeat the demon. But with no life energy remaining, Kurama may stay down forever.
32: Intimindation! Bui Removes his Armor1993-11-20unlockable
A disappointing verdict is handed down in the Kurama versus Karasu match, reversing Team urameshi's fortunes in the Finals of the Dark Tournament. Hiei seeks to recover from this setback in the ring with Bui, but will the power lurking beneath Bui's armor be too much for him?
33: The Ultimate Secret Technique! Roar of the Kokuryu-ha1993-11-27unlockable
Hiei unleashes his most powerful attack, the Dragon of the Darkness Flame! But Bui is able to turn the Dragon against his master. Will Hiei be swallowed and destroyed by his own power?
34: The Eerie Shadow of Toguro the Elder1993-12-04unlockable
During his match with Toguro, Kuwabara is told of Genkai's death. With extreme rage Kuwabara strikes Toguro with the Trial Sword splitting the demon in half! The arena watches in horror as the evil Toguro rises from the arena floor unharmed.
35: Explosion of Anger! Kuwabara's Counterattack1993-12-11unlockable
Kuwabara's fight with the elder Toguro brother comes to a smashing conclusion, leading into Yusuke's grudge match with the younger Toguro. But before that bout can begin, intrigue at Team Toguro culminates in a shocking proposal from Sakyo and an even more shocking response from Koenma!
36: The Tempestuous Battle of Captains Commences1993-12-18unlockable
The ultimate showdown between Yusuke and Toguro finally begins, and everyone is on the edge of their seats -- at least everyone that hasn't been melted into their seats by Toguro's intense Spirit Energy. Yusuke reveals the power he inherited from Genkai with a colossal blast of his Spirit Gun, but is it enough to bring down Toguro once and for all?
37: Toguro's 100 Percent Terror!1993-12-25unlockable
Yusuke reveals to Toguro that he has not been fighting at full power and removes the Spirit Cuffs, which reduce his power. Finally, a fully powered Yusuke launches an attack at his nemesis. But Toguro too has powered up to his top level and stares down Yusuke's most powerful Spirit Blast.
38: Yusuke! A Trial to the Limits of Sorrow1994-01-08unlockable
As Yusuke lies beaten on the arena floor, Toguro taunts the Spirit Detective. Toguro begins to suck the souls of the spectators in order to enrage Yusuke to once again bring out his full power. But Toguro soon learns that the best way to provoke Yusuke is to kill one of his friends!
39: Deathbattle Concluded! A Final Full Power1994-01-15unlockable
As one of his friends lies on the arena floor, Yusuke powers up to the same level as Toguro. To defend himself, Toguro must power up to 120% of his capacity. Can either fighter, each completely devoid of any remaining energy, survive to claim the prize?
40: The Scheme Vanishes, Together With the Stadium1994-01-22unlockable
With the Dark Tournament at an end, Yusuke must beign to cope with the loss of his best friend at the hands of Toguro. After Sakyo asks Koenma to take his life, the evil billionaire unveils his final evil plan to destroy the entire stadium with everyone still inside!
41: Toguro's Atonement - His Greatest Desire1994-01-29unlockable
Team Urameshi prepares to depart Hanging Neck Island the victor of the sinister Dark Tournament to return to the world of the living leaving their fallen mentor and friend behind. But somewhere far away a chance encounter between two former allies seems to hint at what is to come as the most unlikely of people reveals a most shocking secret.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: A New Prologue1994-02-05unlockable
Despite his stunning victory at the Dark Tournament, Yusuke Urameshi learns firsthand that there are others wishing to challenge him. Yusuke makes the first mistake by underestimating the strengths of these new adversaries. With his best friend kidnapped, Kuwabara must round up the old gang in order to stage a rescue attempt...or suffer the consequences!
2: The Traps Lurking Inside Yojigen Mansion1994-02-12not available
After much convincing, Hiei joins Kuwabara's crusade to save his kidnapped comrade. Upon reaching the mysterious Rokurokubi Estates, the three discover Kaitou, who quickly explains the rules of his territory. Can Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei be of any use in a place where any form of violence is strictly prohibited.
3: The Power of Taboo! Kurama's Intellect1994-02-19not available
Kaitou's devious game becomes a fight for survival as Hiei, Botan, and Kuwabara all fail prey to the twisted teen's bizarre rules. But Kurama issues a challenge...one by one the letters of the alphabet will become taboo. If any of the taboo sounds are uttered, the speaker will face a terrible penalty. Placing his own soul on the line, Kurama prepares himself to battle wits with the brilliant Kaitou.
4: The Terrifying Truth! A New Mystery1994-02-26not available
Kuwabara and the gang finally reach the room where Yusuke is being held captive. But Kido has one final game to play with the Spirit Detective. One of his friends is in fact an imposter, and Yusuke has only minutes to determine which one it is! With his decision made, Yusuke attacks!
5: The Coming Terror! The Gateway to the Demon World!1994-03-05not available
A tunnel is being carved between the Living World and the Demon World that if completed would usher in such darkness and chaos that the world might never recover. In a bold move, the despicable Sensui begins his search for the person that will finally allow him to complete the tunnel.
6: Envoys of the Demon Realm! Seven Enemies1994-03-12not available
The Spirit Detective's best chance to uncover the truth behind the tunnel lies with the mind reader, Murota. But mere hours after entering Mushiyori City, Yusuke and team find themselves being hunted by an unseen evil. Just who are Black Angel, Gate Keeper, Sniper, Gourmet, Game Master, Doctor, and Sea Man?
7: The Stalking, Demonic Hand of the Doctor1994-03-19not available
Somewhere in Mushiyori City, a psychic is forging a tunnel between the Demon and Human worlds. Yusuke has recruited Murota, a mind-reading human. But while trying to weed out the enemies by their thoughts, Murota was shot -- and the criminal mastermind made his introduction. The heroes have taken Murota to the hospital, where new danger awaits.
8: Bring Down the Territory!!1994-03-26not available
Searching Mushiyori City, Yusuke's team was quickly steered to the hospital, where a trap awaited. There they encounter the Doctor, a human with immense psychic powers, super strength, feels no pain, and has infected the entire hospital with a deadly virus. To save his friends, will Yusuke be forced to destroy the wretched creature?
9: Seaman - A Trap Lurking in the Rain1994-04-02not available
As Sensui's plan continues, Kuwabara and his friends attend a rock concert. However, they are ambushed by Sensui's next minion: Seaman, a person with the ability to create monsters out of water. With his friends held hostage, Kuwabara must battle Seaman alone...
10: Kuwabara Restored! A Power Awakened1994-04-09not available
Kuwabara's battle with Seaman continues.
11: The Dark Past of the Spirit Realm Detective1994-04-16not available
Shinobu Sensui, the former Spirit Detective, is revealed to be the mastermind behind the plot to remove the barrier to Makai. Koemna discusses his fall into insanity with Yusuke's group.
12: Charge! Dark Angel1994-04-23not available
Sensui makes his appearance, and battles Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama. Sensui's abilities enable him to battle all three on equal footing. During the battle, Sensui manages to kidnap Kuwabara.
13: Yusuke's Mad Dash! Save Kuwabara!1994-04-30not available
As Yusuke continues his chase of Sensui, the unbelievable Sniper confronts Yusuke. As Genkai and the rest of the team follow, can Yusuke escape Sniper's endless barrage, reach Sensui and save Kuwabara... not to mention, the entire human race?
14: Hagiri's Targets! Death Crest Cross Spots1994-05-07not available
Yusuke continues to evade Sniper's dangerous attacks, but the horrible villain may still have a few tricks up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Hiei has finally returned to his former teammates to join in their crusade, but will that be enough to free Kuwabara before Gourmet can consume his power, and tear the Kekkai Barrier to shreds?
15: The Game World Inside the Cave1994-05-14not available
Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, and Mitarai enter a cavern controlled by the tricky Gamemaster. Gamemaster's territory can be manipulated into a video game, a game where everyone must play by the rules in order to survive. Yusuke's team must win 4 rounds to move on, but is a victory possible against an adversary who can manipulate the rules?
16: Gamemaster's Fearsome Aptitude1994-05-21not available
Yusuke's team has won the first round, but they'll need to win three more to defeat the Game Master and move on to Sensui's lair. The hole to the Demon World is rapidly expanding. Can they make it there in time to prevent the end of the world?
17: The Remaining Measure! Kurama's Resolve1994-05-28not available
Only two hours remain before the tunnel opens unleashing a horde of hungry demons upon the world of the living. Kurama steps forth to battle Gamemaster for the right to move on to Sensui's lair and Yusuke senses that one of them will not make it out alive.
18: Kurama's Fury! Who Is That, Really?!1994-06-04not available
Yusuke and his entourage have made it to Sensui's lair, but their battle to save the human race is just beginning. The opening to the Demon World is widening rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. What's more, an old nemesis reveals his own master plan. His target, Kurama!
19: Spirit Realm Detectives - A Fated One-on-One Battle1994-06-11not available
Kurama's anger has sentenced Toguro to an eternity of suffering, forever chasing his foiled revenge. But the tunnel to Demon World is opening. Can Yusuke's team still save the human race? Only a dramatic showdown between the past and present Spirit Detectives will reveal the truth!
20: Yusuke's Tough Battle! A Decisive Difference1994-06-18not available
As the epic battle between Yusuke and Sensui continues, Yusuke learns that he is no match for the former Spirit Detective. As Sensui prepares the finishing blow, aid comes in a most unexpected package. And what is the truth behind Sensui's unique personalities?
21: Koenma - Primed with the Mafukan!1994-06-25not available
As Itsuki explains more about the bizarre Sensui, Koenma prepares to use his most powerful weapon: his pacifier! It can create a barrier that would stop the demons from flooding Living World. Koenma knows that Sensui must be stopped or his evil plan will come to fruition dooming the entire human race!
22: Sensui - Sacred Light Energy Unleashed!1994-07-02not available
Koenma's tactics have saved Yusuke for now. But mysteriously Yusuke won't allow the Prince of Spirit World to use his pacifier. While they discuss their next move, the terrible gateway between Demon World and Living World opens.
23: Foreboding! When Everything Comes to a Halt1994-07-09not available
Yusuke comes to terms with the fact that he cannot defeat Sensui. Watching but unable to help, Kuwabara fights off emotion with rage as he remembers all the good times and bad he's had with his best friend. Kuwabara manages to free Kurama and Hiei, but it's too late. Yusuke Urameshi has been destroyed.
24: Carrying On Their Friend's Will!1994-07-16not available
Too late to save their friend's life, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei unleash their most devastating attacks on Sensui, who retreats within the tunnel. King Yama reveals a dark secret to Botan. What news would cause her to tremble in terror? What does King Yama know about Yusuke that the others do not?
25: A Time of Awakening! The Battle Commences Again1994-07-23not available
With no thought to their own safety, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei charge deep into the tunnel in an effort to rid all worlds of Sensui forever. Meanwhile, King Yama's soldiers arrive to take Yusuke's body away to ensure he is never revived. As Koenma does his best to stop them, help arrives on the horizon in a very different form.
26: The Ultimate Battle! Proof of Demon Kinship1994-07-30not available
After being saved in the nick of time by Puu, Yusuke revels in his new power and resumes his battle with Sensui. Although Yusuke's skill and strength have increased, he is still clumsy with his new abilities. But there is no time to practice as Sensui bears down for the final confrontation.
27: A Conclusion! Deathbattle in the Demon Realm1994-08-06not available
Yusuke's body has undergone an intense transformation as his dormant demon blood takes hold. As the battle against Sensui concludes, Koenma tells Yusuke that he must choose between Demon World and Living World. Without hesitation, Yusuke makes his decision!
28: Epilogue! Towards Tomorrow!1994-08-13not available
Yusuke and team return topside to the waiting arms of their friends. But all is not well. King Yama's soldiers arrive saying that they must destroy Yusuke once and for all. Could this be the end? How much energy does the Spirit Detective have after his exhausting battle with Sensui?

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Yusuke's Destiny - Footsteps of Danger1994-08-20unlockable
Yusuke Urameshi suffers from a recurring nightmare that he just can't shake. Is this a mere inconvenience? Or are there deeper meanings hidden behind the bizarre occurrences? Genkai sends Yusuke to the home of a former Spirit Detective. But what he doesn't know is that someone knows his destination... and more about his past than he ever thought possible!
2: Visitors of Darkness - The Mystery Deepens1994-08-27not available
As the three strangers in Kuroko's house explain the reason for their presence, Yusuke begins to sense that something is amiss. These demons have come to him to reveal one thing: that Yusuke's ancestor resides as a king of Demon World! And unless Yusuke travels to Demon World soon, the balance of power could shift and spell the end of humans reign at the top of the food chain.
3: Parting - Our Respective Departures1994-09-03not available
Hiei and Kurama are visited by two of the kings of Demon World with a very dangerous proposition. Meanwhile, Yusuke prepares himself for his own long journey home. He finds out that the only thing more difficult than making an irreversible decision is trying to convince Kayko that everything will be all right. Won't it?
4: To the Demon Realm! A Meeting with the Father1994-09-10not available
Control of Demon World is divided among three rulers: Raizen, Yomi and Mukuro. From his deathbed, Raizen has invited his descendant, Yusuke Urameshi, to return to Demon World to train under him for one climactic battle. Yusuke's first challenge is to defeat his ancestor. If he cannot defeat one of the three kings, how could he expect to stand up to the other two?!
5: Unforgettable Memories! A Time of Birth1994-09-17not available
After years of searching, Hiei finally returns to his homeland. Hiei clearly remembers the traumatic banishing he was forced to endure. But despite his many losses, one thing was never far from his mind: complete and utter revenge! But to complete his mission Hiei must first survive an encounter with yet another demon from his past.
6: The Secrets of the Jagan Revealed1994-09-24not available
During a duel with Shigure, Hiei has a flashback to his childhood.  The origin of his Jagan is revealed.
7: Demon Realm Thieves - A Thousand-Year Reunion1994-10-01not available
Just as Yusuke and Hiei were forced to confront their demons, Kurama boldly ventures through his own past. Yomi, one of the three Kings of Demon World has summoned his former partner in crime to his inner sanctum. What secrets haunt Kurama? And why has Yomi prepared for the worst?
8: Yoko Transfromation! A Creeping Bloodlust1994-10-08not available
In a brutal power play, Yomi has forced Kurama to serve as his advisor. If he doesn't, Yomi will destroy the one person Kurama loves more than anyone. But the alliance is hardly stable, for ancient seeds of hatred lie between them. Meanwhile, a group of familiar faces from the past return for one more shot against Yusuke!
9: A Father's Last Words - Memories of a Distant Day1994-10-15not available
It's been nearly a year since Yusuke, Hiei and Kurama arrived in Demon World, each firmly enmeshed in its tense power struggle. Now, the three former teammates are in high positions on conflicting sides, as they head towards an inevitable clash. With Raizen's time drawing to an end, Yusuke must act fast in order to keep the tenuous peace in Demon World.
10: An Unexpected Proposal - A Change in the Demon Realm1994-10-22not available
Raizen's death has upset the balance of power in Demon World. Now it is up to Yusuke to prevent the threat of total upheaval. As Mukuro and Yomi prepare their next move, Yusuke arrives at a brilliant decision that just might preserve the peace. But at what cost?
11: Great Battle in the Demon Realm - The Preliminaries Commence!1994-10-29not available
Yomi and Mukuro, preventing a full-scale Demon War, have embraced Yusuke's unlikely proposal. Peace is secured for the moment. But the battle for control of Demon World must begin. Who will win the tournament, and grasp complete power?
12: Father and Son Battle! Yomi and Shura1994-11-05not available
As the tournament to decide the king of Demon World wraps up it's preliminary round, one match continues to wage on. A father and son were pitted against each other in the random drawing. Now the vigor of youth has to beat out the patience of age. Which one will come out on top? Who will finally advance to the main tournament?
13: Fierce Fighting! Men Fighting for their Dreams1994-11-12not available
As the main bouts of the Demon World tournament get underway, some of the best and most familiar fighters are removed rather quickly. While it looks like some of the fighters' motivations for entering aren't exactly what they seemed, they all have their eyes on one warrior as the prize--Yusuke.
14: Kurama, A Break with the Past1994-11-19not available
Kurama faces down Shigure in the ring! But Kurama has to deal with the demons of his past: namely his choice to remain in the Human World. With the boiling up of tempers and anxieties comes the resurgence of Yoko Kurama! But will Kurama find a way to keep his anger from taking over?
15: Showdown! Hiei and Mukuro1994-11-26not available
In the next match of the tournament, Hiei steps into the ring of battle against his former ally, Mukuro. But Mukuro has already explored the horrors of Hiei's past and knows his thirst for revenge. Will this give the bizarre, shackled fighter the advantage? As a last result Hiei prepares his ultimate weapon: the Dragon of the Darkness Flame!
16: My Power - This is My All!1994-12-03not available
As the fighters make their way through the main bracket of the Demon World Tournament, Yusuke Urameshi finds himself staring down Yomi. Both powerful warriors had their own reasons for entering, but one soon learns that he may not have any reason to continue. Which will be left standing when the dust settles?
17: Concluded! The End of the Conflict1994-12-10not available
Yusuke struggles to continue his fight with Yomi and as his demon blood continues to flow through him, his demon engery also flows out.
18: Forever Yu Yu Hakusho!1994-12-17not available
High school student Kazuma Kuwabara is having a typical day. He is studying hard for his college entrance exams and fending off the flirtatious glances from his female admirers. But nothing could prepare him for what happens when he arrives at a mysterious meeting with Genkai. Surprise follows surprise as one by one each member of the old gang shows up! But where is Yusuke?

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