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Is Haikyu!! on Netflix in the United Kingdom?


Yes you can watch Haikyu!! (2014) in the United Kingdom, but not without unlocking it.

Did you know that Netflix has movies and shows in their catalogue that they hide from us here in the United Kingdom?

Thousands of them! Haikyu!! is one of them.

And did you know there are now ways to unlock those titles so you can watch them?

Read on to learn how. We've got steps, instructions, and the links you need.

How to Unlock Haikyu!! in the United Kingdom



Based off of the original Weekly Shonen Jump manga series from Haruichi Furudate, Haikyu!! is a slice-of-life sports anime revolving around Shouyou Hinata's love of volleyball. Inspired by a small-statured pro volleyball player, Hinata creates a volleyball team in his last year of middle school. Unfortunately the team is matched up against the "King of the Court" Tobio Kageyama's team in their first tournament and inevitably lose. After the crushing defeat, Hinata vows to surpass Kageyama. After entering high school, Hinata joins the volleyball team only to find that Tobio has also joined.


Animation, Comedy, Drama


Yoshimasa Hosoya, Ayumu Murase, Kaito Ishikawa, Yu Hayashi, Satoshi Hino, Miyu Irino, Koki Uchiyama, Sôma Saitô, Nobuhiko Okamoto

Where to watch Haikyu!! in the United Kingdom

Netflix has Haikyu!! available in other countries around the world, but hides it from subscribers in the United Kingdom.

Unlocking it is simple, although it does require a subscription to a 3rd-party service.

Unlock Haikyu!! in the United Kingdom

Haikyu!! can be streamed on Netflix in these countries

Austria, Germany, Japan, Liechtenstein, South Korea, Switzerland


EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: The End & The Beginning2014-04-06unlockable
Shouyou Hinata is enamored with volleyball; he is in the 3rd year of middle-school, and will not be discouraged by the fact that he has no teammates to play with. He finally scrapes together a team to enter his first and last official tournament.
2: Karasuno High School Volleyball Club2014-04-13unlockable
Before starting high school, Hinata had sworn revenge against Kageyama of Kitagawa Daiichi. But strangely enough he encounters the "king of the court" again, but this time in the gym of Karasuno High School. Their head-butting is unrelenting and they start their own match, but the third-year captain Sawamura disallows them from participating in the volleyball club until they learn to show team spirit. What now?
3: The Formidable Ally2014-04-20unlockable
Hinata and Kageyama are challenged to a match against fellow first-years, with the aid of second-year Tanaka. While they practice for the match early one morning, Hinata demands Kageyama to give him a toss, to which Kageyama responds: “I don't think you're essential in winning,” and refuses to toss him the ball.
4: The View from the Summit2014-04-27unlockable
Hinata and Kageyama have second-year Tanaka on their side of the three-on-three match against first-years Tsukishima and Yamaguchi and third-year team-captain Sawamura. Tsukishima keeps razzing Kageyama, but is a high wall of defense to overcome.
5: A Coward's Anxiety2014-05-04unlockable
Kageyama is improving his natural skills as setter, and Hinata has natural speed and spring. When the two of them get synched, their combination brings them victory in the three-on-three match. So they are officially accepted as members of the Karasuno High School Volleyball Club.
6: An Interesting Team2014-05-11unlockable
Karasuno High School Volleyball Club has challenged Aoba Johsai High School to a practice match. But even before the match begins, Hinata's anxiety level reaches maximum. And Kageyama has a "reunion" with his ex-teammate Kindaichi, who now attends Aoba Johsai.
7: Versus the Great King2014-05-18unlockable
The Hinata-Kageyama combo is back in form again, they won the next set, Karasuno has cornered Seijoh, and they're one step closer to victory. But at that time, Seijoh's captain Oikawa who was out on hiatus visits the court. How does Karasuno respond to super-offensive setter Oikawa's powerful serves?
8: He Who is Called "Ace"2014-05-25unlockable
His term of suspension having been served, second-year Nishinoya, the "guardian god" of Karasuno Volleyball Club shows up to among club-members during practice. On the other hand, Takeda is acutely aware of the need of a coach after the Seijoh match. He tenaciously requests Ukai Keishin, grandson of the illustrious coach Ukai, to coach the team. However...
9: A Toss to the Ace2014-06-01unlockable
On occasion of the practice-match against Nekoma, Sawamura tries to convince Azumane Asahi to return to the volleyball club. But Asahi refuses because he says he's lost face with Sugawara and Nishinoya. Meanwhile, Keishin, who has deep connections to Nekoma, is told by Takeda about the upcoming practice-match.
10: Yearning2014-06-08unlockable
Asahi proves his imposing presence as ace in the Karasu versus Neighborhood Association team practice-match. Hinata gazes in a awe at Asahi who possesses both power and height that Hinata doesn't have. But Kageyama, seeing him being so enamored, takes unexpected action to make Hinata focus on the game instead.
11: Decision2014-06-15unlockable
The Karasuno Volleyball Club is at training camp, getting ready for the practice-match against Nekoma and for the Interhigh preliminaries. Even while the team's intense training is showing promising results, Keishin is in a quandary: Who will he choose as setter against Nekoma, Kageyama or Sugawara?
12: The Neko-Karasu Reunion2014-06-22unlockable
The practice match against Nekoma has finally begun. Karasuno, with their ace and libero back in play, battles their opponent with the Hinata-Kageyama duo's fast attacks. But Nekoma finds an unexpected tactic to stop them...
13: Rival2014-06-29unlockable
Hinata's momentum got thwarted by Nekoma's high-level defense and powers of observations, but he powers through to try quicks without closing his eyes. But his attacks don't go too well. Aided by their teammates, however, Inuoaka and Hinata are a close matchup.
14: Formidable Opponents2014-07-06unlockable
Interhigh is coming up next month. The Karasuno volleyball club is pensive, tension rises. They endeavor in training individually and with clearer vision as a team, as they get more inspired. In the meantime, pairings of the preliminaries get announced...
15: Revival2014-07-13unlockable
The much awaited day of Interhigh preliminaries has come. Karasuno's first match is against Tokonami High School. Sawamura battles against a former teammate in junior high, Ikejiri. The tournament is now official; one loss and you're out of the running. It's time for Karasuno's revival. Onward to the battle!
16: Winners and Losers2014-07-20unlockable
Karasuno is winning the first round of Interhigh against Tokonami. But though Tokonami knows they're outclassed, they don't give up, they keep the ball in play. On another court, in spite of Michimiya's encouragement, the Karasuno girls' team is having a rough battle. Everyone is immersed in thought, but there can only be one winner!
17: The Iron Wall2014-07-27unlockable
The second match of Interhigh preliminaries has begun. Azumane has a history with Date Tech, but he is determined to rise to the occasion. Date Tech's tactic is to throw their opponent off kilter with their serves - but Karasuno focuses on receives. The wall of Date Tech looms high; what will Karasuno do?
18: Guarding Your Back2014-08-03unlockable
Thanks to Hinata and Kageyama's cornerstone "freak quicks," Karasuno is in the lead against Date Tech. But with Aone blocking, Date Tech starts catching up to Karasuno. This is when the ace Azumane must prove his worth. Will Azumane blast through Date's iron wall?
19: Conductors2014-08-10unlockable
Karasuno's volleyball team makes it to the third round and they'll be facing off with Aoba Johsai. Seijoh, led by Oikawa, shows even more combination plays than they did in their practice match together. Meanwhile, the coach comes up with a formation to stop Oikawa's powerful serve. And before their match, Kageyama, who is Oikawa's junior from junior high, decides to...
20: Oikawa Toru Is Not a Genius2014-08-17unlockable
The 3rd round Interhigh match against Aoba Johsai has begun. Without wasting any time, Kageyama and Oikawa start a setter battle. Well-experienced as a team, Aoba Johsai scores point after point against Karasuno with Oikawa's serves. Kageyama starts to panic. It's then that Karasuno's mood-maker, Tanak gets riled up. After seeing that, Oikawa...
21: Senpai's True Abilities2014-08-24unlockable
Because Karasuno's plays become messy and the match's rhythm gets thrown off, they change setters. Sugawara goes onto the court in place of Kageyama and because he's always seen things from outside the court, he says he knows what's going on, and Karasuno starts their counterattack. Meanwhile, after seeing the match from the outside, there's a change in Kageyama as well.
22: Evolution2014-08-31unlockable
After being subbed back in Kageyama begins to try to communicate with each of his teammates. He begins to learn where the best setting point is for each of them, and Tsukishima comes up with a new attack that proves Karasuno can be a threat from all fronts.
23: The Point that Changes the Momentum2014-09-07unlockable
Aoba Johsai begins to pull away in set 3, forcing Coach Ukai to make some drastic decisions. Yamaguchi is subbed in as an ace server, but the pressure proves to be too much to overcome. A service error occurs, but the error allows Karasuno to calm down and climb back within two.
24: Removing The Solitary King2014-09-14unlockable
Kageyama begins to match Toru point for point. The teams become dead even at 25 a piece. Long sets begin to drain both teams, and Toru acknowledges that Kageyama has realized what teamwork is all about and is no longer the solitary king. The game winning points are shown.
25: The Third Day2014-09-21unlockable
After suffering a heartbreaking loss to Aoba Johsai, the third years must decide if they will retire or participate in the spring tournament. Kageyama and Hinata vent their frustration on the court after their practice has been cancelled. The winner of the fall tournament is revealed, and Karasuno begins their first real practice to get ready for the spring tournament.
Episode 26unlockable
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Episode 1unlockable
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Episode 2unlockable
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Episode 3unlockable
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Episode 4unlockable
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Episode 5unlockable
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Episode 6unlockable
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Episode 7unlockable
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Episode 8unlockable
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Episode 9unlockable
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Episode 10unlockable
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Episode 11unlockable
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Episode 12unlockable
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Episode 13unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 14unlockable
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Episode 15unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 16unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 17unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 18unlockable
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Episode 19unlockable
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Episode 20unlockable
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Episode 21unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 22unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 23unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 24unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 25unlockable
Synopsis not available
Episode 26unlockable
Synopsis not available

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Greetings2016-10-08unlockable
The Miyagi Prefecture Qualifier finals of the Spring High School Volleyball Tournament. The ones to stand before Karasuno High School are the undefeated champions, Shiratorizawa Academy. Do they have a chance to win against the ultimate spiker, Ushijima? Their battle towards the nationals finally begins...
2: The Threat of the Left2016-10-15unlockable
From the very beginning of the match, Ushijima attacks with his powerful spikes. Because he's not used to left-handed attacks, their Guardian Deity, Nishinoya, has a hard time receiving them. What is Karasuno's plan to deal with the mounting point difference?
3: Guess-Monster2016-10-22unlockable
Underway into the second match, Karasuno tries to attack, but Shiratorizawa's middle blocker is a Guess Monster. Using fast intuition, he keeps blocking all of their attempts. As he blocked Karasuno's spikes one after another, Tsukki calmly assesses the situation for a counter-attack.
4: The Halo Around the Moon2016-10-29unlockable
Thanks to Tsukki and Nishinoya's blocking, Karasuno comes back at the end of the second set. It is a heated battle in the end, resulting in multiple deuces... Who will score the final point?
5: Individual vs. Numbers2016-11-05unlockable
As the third set starts, the bout is tied at 1-1. Attempting to seize momentum after stopping Ushijima, Karasuno tries to stay aggressive. However, Shiratorizawa's setter, Shirabu, seems unfazed by the loss of the second set and swings momentum back to the undefeated champions.
6: The Chemical Change of Encounters2016-11-12unlockable
Karasuno finds themselves against a wall as Shiratorizawa wins their second set easily. Needing a push, Hinata ups his defense and the two teams battle it out..
7: Obsession2016-11-19unlockable
Karasuno manages to win the fourth set. The fifth set begins, but has a different set of rules: whoever gets 15 points first wins. Keishin sees that Kageyama is exhausted, and switches him out with Sugawara. Determined to hold up his end, Sugawara shows how he has improved.
8: An Annoying Guy2016-11-26unlockable
Tsukki injures his hand and has to leave for medical attention, which causes Karasuno's blocking to weaken. Karasuno steps up their attacks in his absence. Hinata's play finally makes Ushijima feel like he's worth playing against.
9: The Volleyball Idiots2016-12-03unlockable
Just as Shiratorizawa gets to match point, Karasuno regains spirit as Tsukki returns to the court.. Players on both teams are at the end of their ropes, but they continue to give their all to the last part of the match!
10: The Battle of Concepts2016-12-10unlockable
The battle goes well beyond 15, as the fifth set for both teams enters the 20's. Shiratorizawa shows off individual strengths, and Karasuno continues to show the strength as a team. In a battle of volleyball philosophy, Karasuno and Shiratorizawa fight for who moves on to Nationals.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Introductions2020-01-11unlockable
As the Karasuno High School Volleyball Team is trying to get ready for nationals, they receive word that Kageyama has been invited to the All-Japan Youth Training Camp. On top of that, Tsukishima had been invited to the Miyagi Prefecture Rookie Select Training Camp. Despite not being invited to the Miyagi Prefecture Rookie Select Training Camp, Hinata decides to show up anyway?!
2: Lost2020-01-18unlockable
Just one more month until the Spring Tournament. Hinata crashed the Miyagi Prefecture Rookie Select Training Camp and got to stay as one of their ball boys. While the boys are doing a practice match, the third-year players from Shiratorizawa show up.
3: Perspective2020-01-25unlockable
While Hinata, Kageyama, and Tsukishima are gone, the Karasuno High School Volleyball Team do practice matches with Tokonami High School. Meanwhile, as the other boys are doing a practice match with the Shiratorizawa third-years, Hinata watches them play and begins to realize that all he’d ever concentrated on is chasing after the ball..
4: Take it Easy2020-02-01unlockable
The Miyagi Prefecture Rookie Select Training Camp is reaching its final days. Hyakuzawa from Kakuzawa Academy has very little experience playing volleyball and is having a hard time keeping up in practice. Then Hinata tells him something. Meanwhile, Kageyama is at the All-Japan Youth Training Camp playing with various other amazing players from all across Japan and...
5: Hunger2020-02-08unlockable
The training camp does another practice match with the 3rd year OB players from Shiratorizawa. Meanwhile, Kageyama and the others at the All-Japan youth camp were doing a practice match with everyone playing different positions. Both training camps were about to come to an end...
6: Enhancements2020-02-15unlockable
Hinata, Kageyama, and Tsukishima all come back from their training camps, and Karasuno had lined up a training match against Date Tech, the school with the strongest blockers in the prefecture. But after coming back from the training camp, Kageyama seems to be acting a bit strange...
7: Return2020-02-22unlockable
Karasuno holds their practice match against Date Tech. Karasuno has a hard time dealing with the best blockers in the prefecture. Kageyama gets frustrated and ends up yelling at the spikers who aren’t able to get hits in. Seeing that, Hinata...
8: Challenger2020-02-29unlockable
The practice match against Date Tech before the Spring Tournament is about to come to an end. Each member of Karasuno tries to better themselves personally. Will they be able to acquire a new weapon and evolve as a team?
9: Everyone's Night2020-03-07unlockable
The new year has come and the members Karasuno High School Volleyball team were nervous. The long-awaited battle on the orange court, the Spring Tournament, was finally here!
10: Battle Lines2020-03-14unlockable
The Spring Tournament had finally begun. But as soon as the first match was about to begin, Hinata realizes his shoes are gone. The team panics at the unexpected incident, but their manager, Shimizu...
11: A Chance To Connect2020-03-21unlockable
In the first match at the Spring Tournament, Karasuno faces off against Tsubakihara Academy. At first, Kageyama isn’t able to get used to the new venue, but once he got the hang of things, he and Hinata do their quick attack and the crowd is in awe. Karasuno takes the lead in the match, but Tsubakihara has a rather unique secret weapon.
12: Vivid2020-03-28unlockable
Karasuno manages to make it to the second round after their victory against Tsubakihara Academy. Meanwhile, Hinata runs into Hoshiumi Korai, one of the players from Kamomedai High School who went to the All Japan youth camp that Kageyama went to. Hinata witnesses the plays of Hoshiumi, who’s considered the next Little Giant, and...
13: The Second Day2020-04-04unlockable
The second day of the Spring Tournament. Karasuno faces the team that placed second at the Inter-High and one of the favorites to win the Spring Tournament, Inarizaki High School. The team also has the best twins in high school volleyball, the Miya twins. Karasuno’s battle against one of the best is about to begin!
14: Rhythm2020-10-03unlockable
The match with Inarizaki High at the Spring Tournament finally begins. Karasuno is overpowered by the supreme Miya Twins and the Inarizaki cheer section taking over the venue. It was then that a certain someone arrived in the stands...
15: Found2020-10-10unlockable
Karasuno is able to regain their rhythm with Saeko's help, but the Miya Twins weirdo quick gives Inarizaki the lead. How will Karasuno deal with this unexpected turn of events?
16: Broken Heart2020-10-17unlockable
Because of Yamaguchi's service ace at the end of the first set, Karasuno is able to get set point first. However, Inarizaki then starts targeting Tanaka, who seems a bit off his game. How will Tanaka deal with this pressure?
17: Cats vs. Monkeys2020-10-24unlockable
In their match against Inarizaki, Karasuno manages to take the first set. Meanwhile on another court, Nekoma High School was going up against Ishikawa’s team, Sarukawa Tech. They’re both known for their defense. Who will come out the victor?
18: Trap2020-10-31unlockable
ekoma and Sarukawa Tech both show no signs of slowing down. They realize that Sarukawa is trying to wear down Kenma’s stamina, so Kenma comes up with a plan...
19: The Ultimate Challengers2020-11-07unlockable
Nekoma High School moves to the 3rd round after defeating Sarukawa High School. Meanwhile, Karasuno and Inarizaki head into their second set and Miya Atsumu starts to target Nishinoya with his serves.
20: Leader2020-11-14unlockable
Karasuno starts to break down Inarizaki's dominance with Kageyama's serves. And to counter that, Inarizaki sends in their captain, Kita Shinsuke to get their rhythm back.
21: Hero2020-11-21unlockable
Because Karasuno's plays become messy and the match's rhythm gets thrown off, they change setters. Sugawara goes onto the court in place of Kageyama and because he's always seen things from outside the court, he says he knows what's going on, and Karasuno starts their counterattack. Meanwhile, after seeing the match from the outside, there's a change in Kageyama as well.
22: Pitons2020-11-28unlockable
Inarizaki starts to turn things around with Miya Atsumu's serves. Suddenly, there is a play that changes the flow of the game.
23: The Birth of the Serene King2020-12-05unlockable
The third set is reaching its end. Karasuno is able to take back the flow of the game with Hinata's receive and even though they show great offense and defense, Inarizaki gets a match point. With the game so down to the wire, the setter Kageyama decides to do a certain play...
24: Monsters' Ball2020-12-12unlockable
The game is now in a deuce with both teams are pushed to their limits to try to get that one final point. This match against Inarizaki brings out everything that both teams have to the very end!
25: The Promised Land2020-12-19unlockable
The Miyagi Prefecture Inter-High is now over. Hinata, Kageyama, and the other members of Karasuno have a lot on their minds...

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