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Is Trolls: The Beat Goes On! on Netflix in the United Kingdom?

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

Yes Trolls: The Beat Goes On! (2018) is available on Netflix in the United Kingdom. We first spotted it on January 20, 2022.

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Trolls: The Beat Goes On!


Queen Poppy tries to keep Troll Village's peace with the Bergens by inviting them to parties, playing their sports and preventing crime.


Animation, Comedy, Adventure


Kari Wahlgren, Amanda Leighton, Sean T. Krishnan, Kevin Michael Richardson, Skylar Astin, Fryda Wolff, Ron Funches, David Fynn

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EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: A New Bergen-ing2018-01-19available in the United Kingdom
Poppy invites the Bergens to a party, much to the trolls' horror.
2: Laugh Out Cloud2018-01-19available in the United Kingdom
Cloud Guy offers Branch to be his best friend for a day.
3: Two Party System2018-01-19available in the United Kingdom
Poppy reveals that Branch and Bridget both have the same birthday.
4: Fun Branch2018-01-19available in the United Kingdom
Branch invites the Snack Pack into his bunker.
5: Royal Review2018-01-19available in the United Kingdom
A nervous Poppy awaits for her performance as queen.
6: Funishment2018-01-19available in the United Kingdom
Poppy becomes a detective when a Bergen's pie is stolen.
7: Bad News Bergens2018-01-19unlockable
Poppy signs the trolls up for Bergenball.
8: Unhealthy Competition2018-01-19unlockable
Smidge's stoutberry juice and Guy Diamond's Glitterade are rivaled.
9: Cloudy with a Chance of Hugs2018-01-19not available
Cloud Guy offers Branch help on Hug Day.
10: Creek Week2018-01-19not available
Creek's return from Trolls (2016) is featured.
11: The Giver2018-01-19not available
Poppy must figure out who left some gifts every harvest moon.
12: Bellow Bug Day2018-01-19not available
Things go from bad to worse when Poppy tries to fix a holiday.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Prank Day2018-03-09available in the United Kingdom
On Prank Day, Branch and Poppy try to out-trick each other to earn the title of Prank Master.
2: Adventures in Dinkles-Sitting2018-03-09available in the United Kingdom
While baby-sitting Mr. Dinkles, Branch runs into trouble.
3: Eye'll Be Watching You2018-03-09available in the United Kingdom
After Poppy crashes her flyer, Branch brings a safety monitor to the village.
4: Sorry Not Sorry2018-03-09available in the United Kingdom
When Gristle upsets Bridge, Poppy teaches him how to apologize.
5: Big Poppy2018-03-09available in the United Kingdom
In a compliment rap battle, Poppy tries to dethrone reigning champ Master Control.
6: Neighbor War2018-03-09available in the United Kingdom
Branch's plan to drive away new neighbor Sky Toronto backfires.
7: Remote Out of Control2018-03-09available in the United Kingdom
Smidge, Guy, Cooper and Biggie take Branch’s remote control, Gary, for a joyride.
8: Critter Comfort2018-03-09unlockable
Poppy's attempt to help a herd of Swampkins does just the opposite.
9: The Poppy Horror Picture Show2018-03-09not available
When a scary story makes Biggie go into hiding, Poppy devises a plan to help him.
10: Dinkles Dinkles Little Star2018-03-09not available
Biggie hires a confidence coach to prep Mr. Dinkles for a pet show.
11: The Party Games2018-03-09not available
A new Party Games contestant could upstage Guy.
12: Trolly Tales2018-03-09not available
To entertain the kids on their first trip to the library, Poppy and Branch retell some classic tales.
13: Model Behavior2018-03-09not available
Satin and Chenille​ put on a fashion show to impress a trendsetter.
14: Pillow War2018-03-09not available
The village holds a pillow fight to see who will win the comfy Pillow of Destiny.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: The Imposter2018-08-24available in the United Kingdom
Branch and Poppy hunt for an imposter in Troll Village.
2: The Frenemy2018-08-24available in the United Kingdom
Poppy discovers the master of disguise belongs to an evil group called the Party Crashers.
3: Hair-Jitsu2018-08-24available in the United Kingdom
Branch learns the importance of patience when Poppy teaches him "hair-jitsu."
4: Crushin' It2018-08-24available in the United Kingdom
Smidge's crush on a critter-narian leads her to tone down her Smidge-ness.
5: Meet the Peppy2018-08-24available in the United Kingdom
To impress King Peppy during a Swag Stag hunt, Branch invents a tall tale he has to keep up with.
6: Party Crash Course2018-08-24available in the United Kingdom
DJ Suki takes Poppy's crash course in party hosting.
7: Trolly Tales 22018-08-24unlockable
The Trolls try to entertain Archer Pastry with a series of Troll stories.
8: Rainbowmageddon2018-08-24unlockable
Cloud Guy offers to fix a local rainbow in urgent need of repair.
9: Coop, Where's My Guy?2018-08-24not available
When Cooper loses Guy Diamond in a forest, Poppy and Branch help retrace his steps.
10: Fluffleberry Quest2018-08-24not available
Poppy vows to re-create Branch's favorite dessert -- at any cost.
11: FOMO-OPUP2018-08-24not available
Guy Diamond enlists the Snack Pack to hunt down Nova Swift's next pop-up party.
12: Lost in the Woods2018-08-24not available
Lost in Troll Forest, Poppy and Archer must learn to trust each other.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Party Crashed2018-11-02available in the United Kingdom
When outsiders invade Troll Village and take Mr. Dinkles hostage, the trolls must win a sing-off in order to get him back.
2: Weekend at Diamond's2018-11-02available in the United Kingdom
Poppy and Branch must help a sleepy Guy Diamond pitch his new invention to Sky Toronto.
3: Branchception2018-11-02available in the United Kingdom
Branch gets trapped in a dream in which everyone worships him.
4: The Bunker List2018-11-02available in the United Kingdom
Branch tries to complete all the items on his "Bunker List" in one day.
5: The Interns2018-11-02available in the United Kingdom
Interns Satin and Chenille must save boss Nova Swift from a fashion disaster.
6: Three Trolls-keteers2018-11-02available in the United Kingdom
Guy Diamond mistakes a plea for help for an invitation to perform the trolls' new play.
7: The Helper2018-11-02available in the United Kingdom
Smidge is eager to prove how helpful she can be.
8: Smidgician2018-11-02unlockable
When the trolls secretly help Smidge with her magic show, she thinks her powers are real.
9: DJ's Got Talent2018-11-02not available
DJ Suki tries to impress her niece during Talent Week.
10: Peril Patch2018-11-02not available
A strange new mini-golf course fuels competition between Poppy and Branch.
11: Sibling Quibbling2018-11-02not available
To Chenille's dismay, Satin befriends a troll who loves extreme sports.
12: Musical Thrones2018-11-02not available
The Musical Thrones Tournament tests Smidge and Biggie's longtime alliance.
13: Branch Bum2018-11-02not available
An accident that lands the Snack Pack on a desert island transforms Branch.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Wormhole2019-01-18available in the United Kingdom
The trolls get lost in a series of wormholes, each leading to an alternate world.
2: Ear Worm2019-01-18available in the United Kingdom
DJ Suki unveils a new song that proves to be a little too catchy.
3: Don't Worry Be Peppy2019-01-18available in the United Kingdom
To make her dad feel useful again, Poppy asks her friends to bring him small problems to solve.
4: Two's a Cloud2019-01-18available in the United Kingdom
Branch gets an unwanted roommate: Cloud Guy.
5: Glitter Loss2019-01-18available in the United Kingdom
When Guy Diamond loses his glitter, he embarks on a quest to get it back.
6: New Anthem2019-01-18available in the United Kingdom
Poppy creates a song contest to see who can write the best new troll anthem.
7: Dark Side of the Lagoon2019-01-18unlockable
The Snack Pack go on a submarine ride to retrieve a lost item.
8: Mr. Glittercakes2019-01-18unlockable
Poppy doubts Branch when he says he can't go to a party because of plans with a friend.
9: Snow Day2019-01-18not available
The trolls make the most of the one day each year when it snows in the village.
10: Guy Misses Out2019-01-18not available
Guy Diamond tries to understand an inside joke he missed out on.
11: Scrap to the Future2019-01-18not available
Poppy finds a scrapbook that seems to predict the future.
12: Bringing Up Birdy2019-01-18not available
Branch must overcome his bird fears when a nest of hatchlings confuse him for their parent.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Blank Day2019-04-09available in the United Kingdom
Poppy must choose a new holiday for the one free day on the troll calendar.
2: Haircuffed2019-04-09available in the United Kingdom
To teach Creek and Branch to get along, Poppy ties their hair together.
3: Marshtato Fairy2019-04-09available in the United Kingdom
Branch sets out to prove to Poppy that the treat-delivering Marshtato Fairy doesn't really exist.
4: Do the Biggie2019-04-09available in the United Kingdom
Biggie accidentally invents a dance craze.
5: Hitting the Sky Note2019-04-09available in the United Kingdom
When Poppy discovers that Sky Toronto doesn’t sing, she tries to convince him to give it a try.
6: Hug Fest2019-04-09available in the United Kingdom
At his first Hug Fest, Branch gets a tour from Poppy.
7: Chummy Sparklestone2019-04-09unlockable
At a mystery party, Cooper falls in love with playing detective.
8: Giggleyum2019-04-09unlockable
When a favorite frosting flavor is discontinued, Poppy tries to create a substitute.
9: Glamping2019-04-09not available
The troll kids decide they prefer "glamping" with Guy over roughing it with Branch.
10: A Flower for Poppy2019-04-09not available
The Snack Pack search for a rare flower for Poppy's half-birthday.
11: The Partier's Apprentice2019-04-09not available
Exhausted from being the life of every party, Guy trains an apprentice.
12: Hair Ball2019-04-09not available
Smidge accidentally agrees to go with both Milton and Guy to the Hair Ball.

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Freeze Tag2019-08-27available in the United Kingdom
Poppy and Branch team up to sleuth out a playful mystery sweeping through Troll Village
2: Whimsy Wasps2019-08-27available in the United Kingdom
A fleet of unusual guests crash a whimsical dance party.
3: The Fast And The Friendliest2019-08-27available in the United Kingdom
Branch adopts a new attitude as the trolls prepare for the Junior Flyer Grand Prix.
4: Much Achoo About Nothing2019-08-27available in the United Kingdom
Mr. Dinkles faces a curious case of the sniffles.
5: Extreme Sleepover Club2019-08-27available in the United Kingdom
Smidge and Guy make a secret plan for some late-night fun.
6: Vega Swift2019-08-27available in the United Kingdom
Satin and Chenille take their "twintern" duties to the next level with a new rising star.
7: Scrapbookmobile2019-08-27available in the United Kingdom
Poppy gets crafty with a new way to share beloved stories.
8: Troll Rangers2019-08-27unlockable
CJ powers through a day of junior ranger activities -- and learns a major lesson.
9: Doc Doc, Who's There?2019-08-27not available
Dr. Moonbloom explores a crash course in silly fun
10: Tour Guide of Duty2019-08-27not available
At the Volunteer Draft, Branch aims to redefine his grumpy reputation.
11: Troll Playing Game2019-08-27not available
Poppy learns the ropes of Cupcakes & Caverns, a thrilling fantasy game.
12: Finn Cascade2019-08-27not available
Branch tries to forge a friendship with a legendary visitor.
13: Gem Day2019-08-27not available
Branch celebrates a milestone -- with a few unexpected surprises.
14: Bad Luck Branch2019-08-27not available
The Bumper Bullseye Ball Championship begins! But will bad luck steal the spotlight?

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Queen of the Castle2019-11-22available in the United Kingdom
Poppy works with some selfish shellfish for a special surprise.
2: Truth or Dare2019-11-22available in the United Kingdom
Biggie makes a bold move during a game of Truth or Dare.
3: Friend Matching2019-11-22available in the United Kingdom
Guy Diamond and Sky Toronto face off (and song off) after Poppy attempts to forge a friendship.
4: Trolly Tales 32019-11-22available in the United Kingdom
A bad hair day ends in a storytelling adventure.
5: Apple of My Ire2019-11-22available in the United Kingdom
Cloud Guy is up to no good again! Will Branch push back on his pesky pranks?
6: Funsgiving2019-11-22available in the United Kingdom
Troll Village celebrates a silly and scrumptious holiday.
7: Bunker Break-In2019-11-22available in the United Kingdom
Branch and Poppy get creative for a gripping game of capture the flag.
8: To Catch a Critter2019-11-22not available
Smidge scrambles to save an ultra-sweet picnic with Milton.
9: CJ's Wooferbug2019-11-22not available
DJ Suki and Poppy prepare for CJ's Birthday with no help from a stubborn wooferbug.
10: What Did I Miss?2019-11-22not available
Poppy shares a scrapbook of the day's events with King Peppy.
11: Tall Tail2019-11-22not available
A fondue mishap lands Creek in hot water with Branch.
12: BFFF2019-11-22not available
The Trolls team up to build a time capsule for Trolls of the future. But what will go inside?
13: Switcher-Ruby2019-11-22not available
Magic and mayhem collide when Poppy and Branch make a switch with a special gem stone.
14: Bye Bye Bunker2019-11-22not available
Branch throws a party in his bunker … for better or worse.

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