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Is More than Blue: The Series on Netflix in the USA?

More than Blue: The Series

Sorry More than Blue: The Series (2021) is not available in the USA and it can't be unlocked.

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More than Blue: The Series


A man with a terminal illness seeks to help his beloved find a long-term partner.


Romance, Drama


Gingle Wang, Yu-Wei Shao, Fandy Fan, Edison Wang, Jia-Yin Tsai, Run-yin Bai, Figaro Tseng, Phoebe Yuan, Nien-Hsien Ma


EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: The Diary2021-10-22not available
A tragic accident rips high school student K's life apart. Meanwhile, Cream, a new girl at school, starts bullying him.
2: Those Left Behind2021-10-22not available
After his father's death, K receives an unwelcome diagnosis and discovers the truth about Cream's past.
3: K&Cream2021-10-22not available
After connecting with K at a party, Cream moves in with him. They make a trip to the beach, but things don't go according to plan.
4: Forever2021-10-22not available
As his health deteriorates, K decides he must find a suitable long-term partner for Cream. Cream gets a job as a lyric writer.
5: For Your Happiness2021-10-22not available
K goes to extraordinary lengths to set Cream up with a match. K and Cream finally go to the beach together.
6: Stranded Relationships2021-10-22not available
K's plan falls into place. Years after his death, a record label manager and his assistant set out to obtain the copyright to K and Cream's song.
7: Variation2021-10-22not available
K quits his job as Cream prepares for her wedding. Cream uncovers an item from their past, evoking heart-wrenching memories.
8: Cream&K2021-10-22not available
As Wang Po-han and An Yi-chi retrace K and Cream's steps to secure the rights to the song, they learn a heartbreaking secret.
9: Disorientation2021-10-22not available
An Yi-chi tries to recover from a devastating loss. Meanwhile, Cream's fate is revealed.
10: The Other Side of the Shore2021-10-22not available
K and Cream celebrate her birthday together one last time.

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