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Is First Wives Club on Netflix in the USA?

First Wives Club

Yes First Wives Club (2019) is available on Netflix in the USA. We first spotted it on November 16, 2023.

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First Wives Club


Three women band together after their first marriages fall apart, and find strength in their sisterhood - and of course a little revenge. Based on the 1996 film.




Tara Pacheco, Jill Scott, Michelle Buteau, RonReaco Lee, Mark Tallman, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Jordan Carlos, Michelle Mitchenor, Malik Yoba

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EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Pilot2019-09-19available in the USA
A public breakup with her cheating music producer husband has singing superstar Hazel turning to her BFFs Ari and Bree for support. Feeling unfulfilled, the women vow to reclaim their lives: starting by releasing Hazel's new song themselves.
2: Plan B2019-09-19available in the USA
A spending spree with Derek's money gets Hazel financially cut off. Ari agrees to be Hazel's lawyer, and is put in an awkward position when David accepts a donation from Derek. After trying therapy with Gary, Bree realizes she wants a divorce.
3: Diamonds Are Forever2019-09-19available in the USA
Ari and David clash about Derek's growing involvement in David's campaign. Unable to track down Hazel's prenup, Ari, Hazel and Bree orchestrate a heist into Derek's penthouse to steal his copy of their prenup. Bree serves Gary with divorce papers.
4: Storytelling2019-09-19available in the USA
Ari is pissed when a scandalous video of her daughter Megan is leaked. Bree faces the reality of life without Gary when he becomes less available. Hazel is forced to sell off her prized possessions to help with her financial situation.
5: What Happens Upstate2019-09-19available in the USA
Hazel brings Ari and Bree to a party for a music producer who could help her career, but soon realizes she'd rather release her album without his help. Ari feels unsatisfied in her marriage after seeing an ex, and Bree discovers she still loves Gary.
6: The Glow Up2019-09-19available in the USA
Ari's attempt to reignite the spark in her marriage backfires. Hazel helps Bree get her mojo back so she can woo Gary away from his new girlfriend. Khalil convinces a nervous Hazel to workshop her new material at an open mic night.
7: Something Blue2019-09-19available in the USA
Hazel and Bree go to Sag Harbor to support Ari, both in present day and in flashbacks, as they reminisce about Ari's wedding to David, and how unhappy she was even back then. As Ari considers divorce, David surprises her by asking for a vow renewal.
8: One Night Only2019-09-19available in the USA
Bree and Gary disagree about if they should still get a divorce. Hazel considers going into business with Derek, which erupts into a confrontation between her, Bree and Ari, leading Bree to kick Hazel out of her house and Ari to quit as her lawyer.
9: Vengeance2019-09-19available in the USA
Hazel realizes her partnership with Derek is a mistake and calls it off. The ladies reconcile to get revenge on Derek. Hazel launches her own label after her album debuts at #1. Ari considers a job offer and Gary moves back in with Bree.
Episode 10not available
Synopsis not available

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Independent Women2021-07-15available in the USA
Synopsis not available
2: On Bended Knee2021-07-15available in the USA
Synopsis not available
3: What About Your Friends2021-07-15available in the USA
Synopsis not available
4: Freak Like Me2021-07-15available in the USA
Synopsis not available
5: Not Gon’ Cry2021-07-15available in the USA
Synopsis not available
6: Ex-Factor2021-07-15available in the USA
Synopsis not available
7: Caught Out There2021-07-15available in the USA
Synopsis not available
8: This Is How We Do It2021-07-15available in the USA
Synopsis not available
9: Spend My Life With You2021-07-15available in the USA
Synopsis not available
10: End of the Road2021-07-15available in the USA
Synopsis not available

EpisodeRelease Date Watch Now
1: Episode 1available in the USA
Synopsis not available
2: Episode 2available in the USA
Synopsis not available
3: What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?2022-11-24available in the USA
As everyone gathers for Ari's Celebration of Life, David pulls himself together and hands out assignments. Hazel is surprised to learn of Ari's final wishes for Megan.
Episode 4available in the USA
Synopsis not available
5: The Way You Do the Things You Do2022-12-02available in the USA
The girls pull off one of their biggest heists yet as they try to recover Ari's ashes from her mother; Gary tries his hardest to be there for David as his "partner in grief".
6: Ask the Lonely2022-12-02available in the USA
Hazel is caught off guard by Regina's feelings toward Khalil; Jayla realizes her ex isn't the same man she used to know; Bree spies on Cousin Pam.
Episode 7available in the USA
Synopsis not available
Episode 8available in the USA
Synopsis not available
Episode 9available in the USA
Synopsis not available
10: Episode 102022-12-15available in the USA
Synopsis not available

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