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August 2018 Update: Want to learn how to get American Netflix in Austria? Check out get-american-netflix.com for information on how to change your Netflix country to the USA or to one of 5 other countries and watch international Netflix! Don't miss out on thousands of movies and TV shows that you can't get in Austria.

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New Netflix Releases for August 19, 2018



A dying tycoon has his consciousness transplanted into the body of a healthy young man, only to make a troubling discovery about the body's origin. He thought his money could buy him a new life, but he may have gotten more than he bargained for.

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| Sci-Fi Thrillers | Thrillers | Psychological Thrillers |


Bhavesh Joshi Superhero

When his best friend is killed for uncovering political corruption, an idealistic young man decides to become a masked fighter for justice. They're young, their videos go viral, they're "basically like the Indian Justice League" -- and they're not backing down.

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| Crime Dramas | Crime Movies | Sci-Fi & Fantasy |


Attitude Test

Four high school seniors steal an important college entrance exam and go on vacation to "study," but accidentally lose the exam while partying. They try to cheat on a college admission test while partying on the beach -- because what could go wrong? Everything.

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| Comedies | Independent Comedies | Independent Movies |


Young Adult

When a divorced writer gets a letter from an old boyfriend announcing his wife's had a baby, she returns to her hometown to reconnect with her ex. A former prom queen returns home to reclaim her ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, reality fails to live up to her delusions.

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| Independent Movies | Independent Comedies | Comedies | Dramas | Independent Dramas |


Being Napoleon

On the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, thousands of enthusiasts reenact the epic clash. But there can only be one Napoleon.

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| Documentaries | Military Documentaries |


The Motive

An aspiring writer with no imagination seeks inspiration for his novel by manipulating the lives of his neighbors so that he can write about them. Some people use their imagination to write a novel. His creative tools? Eavesdropping, manipulation, deceit.

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| Comedies | Spanish Movies | International Movies |


Ultraviolet - Season 1

An online community of amateur sleuths use technology to solve crimes -- and make quirky friends -- in their quest for justice. Their crime-fighting tools? Social media. Search engines. And most of all, each other.

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| TV Dramas | Crime TV Dramas | TV Shows |


Disenchantment - Season 1

Princess duties call, but she'd rather be drinking. Free-spirited Bean exasperates the king as she wreaks havoc with her demon and elf pals. Misadventure is her middle name. Unfortunately, "princess" is her title. A madcap medieval quest from Matt Groening.

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| TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy | TV Shows | TV Action & Adventure | TV Comedies | TV Animated Comedies | US TV Shows |


Bonus Family - Season 2

A new couple, their exes and their children navigate the emotional challenges and tricky logistics of blended family life in this Swedish dramedy. Jealous exes. Rebellious kids. New flames. Their modern family is getting bigger -- and messier -- by the day.

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| TV Shows | TV Dramas |


Stay Here - Season 1

Designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer show property owners how to turn their short-term rentals into moneymaking showstoppers. Inspiring design, innovative branding -- and incredible vacation rental reveals. So inviting, you'll never want to leave.

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| TV Shows | Reality, Variety & Talk Shows |



Rocky's days as a crooning Casanova are over. But the arrival of his troubled, long-lost son gives him a fresh start as a teacher -- and wingman. A fading ladies' man gets back into the game -- thanks to teaching his newfound son the strange craft of seduction.

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| Comedies | Independent Movies | German Comedies |


Yoo Byung Jae: Discomfort Zone

Daring comedian Yoo Byung-jae connects criticism he's received from the general public to some of the most touchy issues in current Korean society. Conservative versus liberal. Misogyny versus feminism. He's discovering laughs in some uncomfortable places.

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| Comedies | Stand-up Comedy | Stand-up Comedy & Talk Shows |


Magic for Humans - Season 1

From baffling people on the street to orchestrating elaborate tricks, Justin Willman blends good-natured magic with grown-up laughs.

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| Reality, Variety & Talk Shows | TV Shows | US TV Shows |


Party Monster: Scratching the Surface

In the probing documentary "Party Monster," DJ Fingablast investigates what became of his childhood hero, DJ Slizzard.

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| Comedies | Goofy Comedies |


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

When her secret love letters somehow get mailed to each of her five crushes, Lara Jean finds her quiet high school existence turned upside down. Five intense crushes. Five soul-baring love letters. She never planned to mail them. Now they're out. Life, as she knows it, is over.

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| Teen Comedies | Comedies | Romantic Comedies |


Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate

When Texas teacher Richard is lured to Russia under false pretenses by his enemy Deb, his drag alter ego Bianca soon turns the country upside down. First, she messed with Texas. Now the full Bianca Del Rio experience is coming to Mother Russia.

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| Satires | Goofy Comedies | Comedies |

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