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New Netflix Releases for October 9, 2019

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This documentary follows eight women in India who struggle with self-confidence and society's expectations but rediscover themselves through running.

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| Sports Documentaries | Indian Movies | Documentaries |

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Deon Cole: Cole Hearted

Embracing his belief that comedy is the last raw form of expression, Deon Cole explains the right time to thank Jesus and the wrong time to say "welp." He believes in being honest. Very honest. From his worst threesome to how he wiggled out of a speeding ticket, Deon speaks his truth.

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| Comedies | Stand-Up Comedy |

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Do Paise Ki Dhoop Chaar Aane Ki Baarish

When a sex worker hires a gay songwriter to care for her disabled son, the ensuing bonds that form offer a complex portrayal of love and family.

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| Hindi-Language Movies | LGBTQ Movies | Indian Movies |

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77 Heartbreaks

An immature man tries to win back his ex after finding her diary, in which she recorded 77 ways he disappointed her during their relationship. He’s finally ready to own up to his transgressions. But is she ready to give him his 78th second chance?

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| Dramas | Hong Kong Movies | Romantic Dramas |

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Sinister Circle

A psychologist and her mute son confront evil forces at the site of a terrible tragedy involving an ancestral Ouija board and a demonic secret society. Memories of the past still haunt them. But the spirits inside of an eerie building have yet to be buried.

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| Horror Movies | Peruvian Movies | Supernatural Horror Movies |

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Enter the Warriors Gate

An avid gamer is magically transported to ancient China, where he must become a warrior in order to save the princess from an evil warlord. As a gamer, he's the best there is. But he's about to learn that being a real warrior takes more than just quick thumbs.

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| Adventures | Martial Arts Movies | Action & Adventure |

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21 & Over

Jeff's straight-and-narrow life changes abruptly when his buddies take him out for a birthday bash -- the night before a crucial med school interview. Booze, public nudity and soiled ... reputations. Some call it a felony. They just call it pre-med.

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| Late Night Comedies | Comedies |

New Netflix Releases for October 8, 2019

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College Romance - Season 1

Three best friends look for love, laughs and some lifelong memories while attending college together. Bad dates. Secret crushes. Tons of fun. For these three BFFs, college is about everything but the classes.

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| TV Comedies | Romantic TV Shows | TV Shows | TV Dramas | Indian TV Shows |

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Girls Hostel - Season 1

Four girls from different backgrounds become unlikely friends when they move into a dormitory for female dental students. In the backbiting world of dental school, these girls are going to have to fight tooth and nail to get ahead.

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| Indian TV Shows | TV Shows | TV Dramas | TV Comedies |

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Engineering Girls - Season 1

Three engineering students deal with dorm drama, date around, and do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true. College is crazy. Drama club all morning. Big dates all night. Now they just need to find time to go to class.

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| Indian TV Shows | TV Shows | TV Comedies |

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Roman J. Israel, Esq.

A savant-like civil rights defense attorney is faced with an enormous moral decision when his simple, ossified life is thrown into turmoil. A brilliant mind and a small office were all he needed to fight corruption from behind the curtain -- until now.

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| US Movies | Dramas | Biographical Dramas |

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Inmates - Season 1

While living under one roof, five close-knit 20-somethings maneuver the highs and lows of friendship, romantic entanglements and finding themselves. A virgin, a pet cockroach and a lifetime of sarcastic banter. In their house, this is friendship.

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| TV Comedies | Indian TV Shows | TV Shows |

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The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants...

When Melvin tries to cancel Halloween, clever best friends Harold and George create their own spooky holiday -- and it's a huge success! Halloween's been declared illegal. But fear not! Harold and George won't hand over this holiday without a fight.

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| Children & Family Movies | Family Comedies | Movies Based on Books |

New Netflix Releases for October 7, 2019

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Legend Quest: Masters of Myth - Season 1

When mythical creatures come to life, it's up to Leo, Teodora, Don Andrés and Alebrije -- super-secret monster hunters -- to save the day. Wild legends. Wild creatures. Wild adventures. Join Leo and his team of monster hunters on an epic quest to save the world.

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| TV Shows | Kids' TV | TV Cartoons | Mexican TV Shows | Animation |

New Netflix Releases for October 5, 2019

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Abnormal Summit - Season 2017

Led by a trio of Korean celebs, a multinational panel of men engage in -- usually -- lighthearted debates on issues that surround Korea and beyond. They've hailed from all parts of the globe. From conservative to liberal, all opinions are welcome here.

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| TV Shows | Korean TV Shows | Stand-Up Comedy & Talk Shows |

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Signal - Season 1

Communicating via a walkie-talkie that transcends time, a profiler from 2015 and a detective from 1989 join forces to tackle crimes and injustice. They hold the key to solve cold cases, maybe even prevent them from ever happening -- but not without consequences.

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| International TV Dramas | International TV Shows | International TV Thrillers & Mysteries | Korean TV Shows | Asian TV Shows | International TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy |

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