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May 2020 Update: Want to learn how to get American Netflix in Thailand? Check out get-american-netflix.com for information on how to change your Netflix country to the USA or to one of 5 other countries and watch international Netflix! Don't miss out on thousands of movies and TV shows that you can't get in Thailand.

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New Netflix Releases for September 30, 2019

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Rake - Season 5

While Cleaver Greene is a brilliant and driven attorney, he's also an ex-druggie, a current gambling addict and loathed by many of his colleagues.

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When a criminal finds a way into security system creator Jack Stanfield's personal life, everything he holds dear is suddenly at stake. His life seems secure behind a firewall he created. But when someone hacks it, he'll fight back the old-fashioned way.

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| Psychological Thrillers | Thrillers | Crime Thrillers |

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An office temp thinks she's found Mr. Right when she starts dating a handsome surgeon. But there's a problem standing in the way of everlasting bliss. Happily ever after is in easy reach for an engaged couple ... until the groom's mother gets involved.

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New Netflix Releases for September 29, 2019

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Run with the Wind - Season 1

Former ace runner Kakeru grudgingly returns to the sport when college senior Haiji recruits him to an unlikely team with one goal: the Hakoden relay. An outcast. A dreamer. A team of misfits. A relay race they might lose -- unless they change what it means to win.

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American Made

A drug-running airline pilot turns informant, then uses his connections inside the government to start secretly smuggling cocaine for Pablo Escobar. He was working for the good guys. He was working for the bad guys. It was just hard to tell which was which.

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UzaMaid! - Season 1

Dealing with the loss of her mother, pre-teen Misha isn't happy when former JSDF sergeant Tsubame enters her life as a clingy, very muscular maid. She doesn't need a maid, and she definitely doesn't need a special adult friend. She just wants to be left alone!

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The Affair - Season 3

Meeting in a seaside resort, second-rate novelist Noah and disillusioned waitress Alison embark on a perilous liaison fraught with hidden desires. Disappointment and sorrow lead them into an extramarital affair. But their own memories betray them more.

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Jane The Virgin - Season 5

After vowing to remain chaste until marriage, Jane Villanueva learns she's pregnant due to a medical slip-up and has to rethink her future. A young woman's lifelong goal to stay pure is foiled. Now she's got nine months to come up with a new plan.

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Archer - Season 10

Suave, sophisticated spy Archer may have the coolest gadgets, but he still has issues when it comes to dealing with his boss, who is also his mother. Intrigue and cool gadgets only get this cartoon spy so far. Especially when his boss is his emasculating mother.

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Tiny House Nation - Volume 2

Traveling the U.S., host John Weisbarth and expert Zack Giffin are helping families prep for the tiny lifestyle and create hypercustomized mini homes. You can have it all, while going small. With hard work and imagination, these dreamers are fully embracing tiny living.

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New Netflix Releases for September 28, 2019

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Despicable Me

Villainous Gru hatches a plan to steal the moon from the sky. But he has a tough time staying on task after three orphans land in his care. He's an evil villain who's plotting to steal the moon. But not if three little girls have anything to say about it!

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Class divides become thorns in the budding romance between the crony of a nativist Mumbai politician and the new, North Indian resident of his chawl. Feelings draw them together. Realities keep them apart. In this city of glaring differences, does blind love stand a chance?

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| Hindi-Language Movies | Indian Movies | Bollywood Movies |

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Sturgill Simpson Presents Sound & Fury

In this anime visual album, a mysterious driver heads deep into a postapocalyptic hellscape toward a ferocious showdown with two monstrous opponents. The sound: growling guitars. The fury: a savage war, fueled by raw revenge. A mind-blowing work from Sturgill Simpson.

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Cultivating the Seas: History and...

An in-depth look at the full-cycle breeding program for bluefin Kindai tuna pioneered by Kinki University’s Aqua Culture Research Institute.

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| Japanese Movies | Documentaries |

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Deliha 2

While chasing her dream of becoming a chef, Zeliha cooks up trouble in the kitchen with her wild, kooky and unsuspecting ways. Romance is on the back burner and she's choosing to focus on career. Did she bite off more than she can chew?

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| Goofy Comedies | Comedies | Turkish Movies |

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Do Paise Ki Dhoop Chaar Aane Ki Baarish

When a sex worker hires a gay songwriter to care for her disabled son, the ensuing bonds that form offer a complex portrayal of love and family.

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